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2018 Kerbrider Victorian Country Series: Round 1 South West Kart Club February 18

The VCS had a massive 2017 and we are feeling a lot of excitement around the traps for the 2018 season in just a few weeks' time.

To kick things off we will now be known as the "Kerbrider Victorian Country Series"
It's great to see Kerbrider step up to our naming rights sponsor after several years of terrific involvement.

Over the next week we will be announcing all our sponsors and more details of the great prizes on offer.

These prizes will include

  • A complete  Energy Corse Kart to giveaway
    (Energy Corse Space 30mm TAG Chassis or Energy Corse Storm Cadet Chassis )
  • Siclids custom helmets - 1 for each class to giveaway.
  • Tonnes of tyres with support from Dunlop Kartsport, DPE and Mg Tire and Bridgestone/Paul Feeney Group.

But there is still a lot more to be revealed; make sure you are eligible and ENTER now at https://karting.net.au/cms/member

More details

- Both Pace Images (Photos) and Michael Yeo (Expert commentary) return for most of 2018

A new masters class will be offered at the first round
Both KA and TAG Restricted are eligible (8 entries required at first round to get offered at all rounds)

- A small increase in entry fee will go directly to the clubs (First entry is now $80)
- All rules are largely the same as the popular format of 2017 (Race format, distance, single day race meet, best 5 rounds for points etc)

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Almost 100 entries already and the sponsor announcements  are rolling out every other day
Check out the VCS facebook for latest updates and offers

Details so far include

- $$$ worth of great Kerbrider product for end of series prizes for top 5 in each class.
- Siclids helmets to giveaway in each class at end of series
- 1 Energy Corse  Kart to give away to a lucky winner  (Just compete in 5 rounds)
- DPE Kart Technology: 2 Arrow X5 50% discounts to give away for TAG drivers
- Dunlop Kart sport and Rock oil: Dunlop tyres and random prize
- Bridgestone, Vortex Engines and PFG: Cadet and Junior tyres to give away at every round
- MG Tires to give away to TAG Light and Heavy drivers at each round

Over 120 entered already and we're expected a big one in a week's time.
Guess the correct number of entries on our FB page to win some of our new 2018 merch.

3 days to go till entries close and over 140 in- we're expecting a huge late rush
A huge 30 in Cadet 12 so far - will they fill the 36 kart grid?

Over 200 now entered!
Entries close TONIGHT - so get amongst some great racing

We pretty excited with final entries - a whopping 235 have entered for this weekend's race.

Late entries can still be a accepted until 2:20pm Saturday- so its not too late to join.

HOWEVER - Check your class capacity as for this round we cannot accept any more than the 36 grid capacity. (AMB needs to bed down  A vs B vs C in the new timing system at Nationals first)
This mainly appears to Cadet 12 with 35 - we wouldn't want you to come a long way to be turned around.

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