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A comprehensive list of the positive things KA and the board has done since taking over





















I have spent many hours researching and talking to people in order to put this comprehensive list together and that was everything that I could come up with.

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It appears KNSW with its fresh eyes have conducted its own Whole of KA review.

It is refreshing to see professionals taking their position seriously and certainly contributing in a positive fashion.

KA have more than met its match with this board of KNSW. 

The upturned flag will be righted.

I will believe it when I see it eventuate and it is to late for many, myself included.

I am now all spent up on BMX and Mountain bikes for the family. Something we can all truly do together and funded from the sale of just my kart and related equipment.

But best of luck, maybe in another 10 years it might be achievable again but for now, we are having more fun than ever as a family.
Neville Scullion said:

It appears KNSW with its fresh eyes have conducted its own Whole of KA review.

It is refreshing to see professionals taking their position seriously and certainly contributing in a positive fashion.

KA have more than met its match with this board of KNSW. 

The upturned flag will be righted.

I have just been reading with interest the press release from Karting NSW, and the response from Mick Doohan on behalf of KA.

It is interesting that Karting NSW must be the only state karting body in Australia that has experienced a serious downturn in the participation in the sport, or did KA really feed misinformation on this matter in the recent past.

The simple fact is that almost every club in Australia has complained about this very problem for 3 years now. KA even took umbrage on having these facts publically presented from their own database.

Over the past 18 months, the few clubs that no longer dance to KA's tune have reversed this trend, in a most significant way. Perhaps Karting NSW has noticed?

In reading both articles, it seems to me that both produce the same figures, but with a different spin. Lies, damned lies, and statistics as they say.

Karting NSW claim that their representations are not heard, or if they are, are ignored. KA dispute that.

So why is it that officials, clubs and associations round Australia all have this impression that they have no voice, have no opinions worthy of consideration?

And why is it that anyone who goes public with opinions on this topic get castigated to expulsion through a tribunal?

A KA appointed tribunal at that!!!

My impression is that KA is saying that Karting NSW will be short in funding, for among other things, not having to collect licence fees that are passed on to KA. Maybe I read that wrong, but the impression I got from the Karting NSW press release was that Karting NSW was going to collect those fees, and not have to pass them on, and even might well be able to reduce them, rather like one club that I know of.

I really do believe that the crux of this whole matter from KA's perspective is that without Karting NSW's contribution, KA will be underfunded. They didn't say that, but it must be obvious to even the most visually challenged.

And the bigger worry for KA would be that Karting NSW might just be the first of several state associations to take this path.

I reckon that after 18 months, if a club can make a real go of operation outside big brother's protection, then surely a state association could make an even better go of it.


I found and read the Karting NSW "open letter" (more than interesting...), but can't find the KA response. Can you supply a link?



Hi John the reply from ka is on the kartsportnews website . A lot of what knsw have asked for is about aka inc and not aka ltd as doohan keeps banging on about . It's good to see that the issues have reached to Monaco . Both the letter from knsw and the reply from doohan are with a read and hopefully people will realise what ka are really doing to our sport . But I guess all that really matters is that young Jack is doing good and I personally wish him all the best in Europe . But I have thought for a long time now that doohan only wanted things to change for his son . I hope all states follow knsw into changing our sport to be as good as it once was . 

I take my hat off to Karting NSW, I’m glad they have done this . I’ve been involved in karting since 1996 and this is the worst I have ever seen the sport , I can remember how big the field were in every class especialy in NSW . Over the last 3 years it’s so disappointing to see how low the club numbers are at race meeting some place you race gain at yourself ! I’m happy with the engine KA100 that they bought in it makes it a much better playing field for everyone. They tyres are the biggest issue for every grassroots racer 1 set every meeting CRAZY .

i hope everyone in NSW get behind karting NSW and give them a go can’t be any worse, I’m sure they won’t make the same mistakes that KA have and will still make .

Have a look at the entry’s for the NSW state title it’s a discrase 89 entry’s their should be at least 200 or more I would expect.

‘I was seriously thinking of leaving the sport this year ,but if this happens I will stay and keep the number going in the direction we want them to go UP


Adam Law. 

Well, finally some sense is starting to be seen, better later than never. I still don't see why any club needs an umbrella organisation unless they are are afraid of the dark?? The idea of cutting off the money tree and stopping the flow to the KA was always going to work but it took a long time for people to gather up the courage to do it. If this starts to bite I can see Doohan walking away from the whole mess and it is strange that he has not already done so as his son is past karting in Oz. 

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