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Any KA Clubs currently using more than one configuration ?



Each Club must designate a permanent track direction in which practice will take place at all times (other than the day prior to an event that is going to use an alternate track configuration or direction
Practice will always take place on the Full Track as delineated by tyre barrier and cone placement.
No short cuts or cut throughs are to be used
The direction of practice will be clearly shown at the Out Grid by a sign (minimum dimensions 800mm x 600mm.) Any alternate access roads must be blocked with cones, tyres buffers or such similar devices.
Alternate track configurations may only be used the day before an event where this alternate track configuration will be used. A Club Official must be present to supervise the activity when an alternate track configuration is in use. ..."

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Todd Rd sometime run in reverse direction

Most clubs run a reverse direction. Some even alternate between meetings. All that is required is for the direction of practice/racing to be clearly shown.  

Hi Richard

Did you read it ?


Sunny Greg

Yes I read it Greg. Seems perfectly straightforward to me. What am I missing?

Greg N Smith said:

Hi Richard

Did you read it ?


Sunny Greg


 It is forbidden to cross the Track, sit on tyre walls or be inside the Circuit while ever there are karts driving on the Track.

 There must be a chequered flag and a red flag available at the out grid gate at all times to enable the sessions to be controlled or alternatively a Safety Light signalling system controlled from the out grid.

 When there are more than 5 karts on the Track, an adult must be delegated with the responsibility to control the session.

 Practice should be limited to 10 minute sessions in each group (i.e. Cadets or Junior or Senior).

 It is forbidden to stop on the track for any mechanical adjustments, take tyre pressures, refuelling or to give the driver instruction. o The Mechanical Breakdown area may be used during this 10 minute session.

I don't quite understand why this has been put in, has there really been that many people hit while walking around on the track on practice days.

This is a drastic change, I'm not sure it's for the better. I am keen to understand how tracks will enforce this

GkSA wont do anything to upset the KA as they have the nationals so they will tow the KA line  when it comes to track configurations 

Another rule in is that no garment is allowed to be put over the race suit when going to race, Shit that means you get socking wet then

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