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Biggest frustrations while go-karting (hire go-karts)

Hello fellow go-karters!

Maybe it's a bit of an odd topic, but I'm actually really interesting what will come out of this. Personally, I l like the concept of hire go-karts a lot since I can easily drive with my mates who don't own a go-kart and race with the same quality. However, I think there is a lot of progress that can be made in this branch. For example, the long waiting periods in between the sessions and sometimes the go-karts are just completely unequal. What do you guys think? (I apologize for any spelling mistakes since I'm not a native but hopefully, you guys get what I mean).  



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Yes feel your frustration which is why i purchased my own kart and started racing in 125's at stony creek (non ka affiliated). I still race hire karts on a fairly regular basis.

An improvement would be more hire kart racing leagues. i cant see the arrive and drive format significantly changing as it's probably a good earner for the track owner on weekends.

If you live in Victoria there are a multitude of hire karting 'championships' that have started up thanks to passionate racers who have a budget of $1000 a year and dont want to deal with owning their own kart.

Victorian Melbourne Based Hire Karting Leagues

Elite Hire Karting Championship - https://www.facebook.com/groups/512272925592067/

Intertack Karting Championship - https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=intertrack%20karting%20champ...

FGA Championship - http://fgachampionship.com/ (not sure on this one though)

Venue Based Leagues

- Ace Karts League Cup - https://acekarts.com.au/race-options/competition-racing

- Le Mans Go Karts Addicts Club (2nd sunday of each month) - https://www.lemansgokarts.com.au/racing-club/

- Karting Madness

League - http://kartingmadness.com.au/events/league/

Enduro - http://kartingmadness.com.au/events/enduro/

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