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Hi has anone got any tips for removing a stuck brake carrier its on a kart i just bought and i can see its been forced on there with a hammer and chisle or screwdriver but alll the wd40 and hitting it im afraid its just damaging bearings and everything i got the bent key out but cant hit it hard enough to remove can i cut it? Think its magnesium its crg

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Its on a crg kt11 so i cant get the axle out untill this carrier is off, ive undone all the grub screws so the axle moves free so im trying to hold it from sliding side and bash the carrier off, (with a busted shoulder) should i tighten grub screws seems rough.
Ive taken the disc off the carrier and heated it up with a jet flame also

If the key is bent, and the carrier is already damaged, might be easier to cut through and discard, otherwise, removed the caliper and hit the carrier back away from the end of the key that is bent (upwards?), until you can remove the key.

By placing a big screwdriver into the slot on the carrier, it should help expand the carrier to assist in sliding along the axle.

Don't keep hitting the axle through the bearing carrier, and against the bearing, you will just cause more damage.

Thanks mate i got the key out by hitting it to the right ill upgrade screwdrivers and try again
On the other hand i might cut as it would take a special kind of idiot to put that carrier back on anything

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