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Christmas Shed Clean-out - Bits and Bobs - Toowoomba area

Greetings All,

I've been out of a kart seat for some time now, and finally got round to tidying up THAT shelf in the shed.  Managed to fill a small tray with odds and sods, that would be good for somebody starting out in the sport.

The tray contains :

2x 90mm hubs to suit a 35mm axle

2x KT100 accelerator cable kits (I used to have an AX9)

2x AKASR2 (Rotax MAX) restrictor plates, never been fitted

set of 4 Xzuit tyre covers

Handy tool collection - a steering wheel clamp, nylon piston lock tool (wind it down the sparkplug hole to safely hold the piston), a Kartech Walbro float guage, 6 Walbro K10-WB and 2 D13-WB carby kits, a Kartech chain tool (for removing and reinserting the chain pin), and a no-name pop off guage.  There's also a random no name bead breaker tool - looks ordinary, but works very well.

Alongside the tray is :

1 vinyl tyre bag with a set of AX9 rims - bonus set of VERY OLD MGReds (if you ever want to practice your kart drifting skills these would be just these tyres would be just the thing)

1 vinyl tyre bag with a set of wet rims - bonus set of Dunlop wet tyres. (These have always been kept in the bag, so just might be useable)

I'm looking for $250 for this motley lot.

Also - Sniper V2 laser alignment tool, I'd be happy with $200 for this.

And finally, a gas bottle, regulator, hose and tyre tool.  Was used for nitrogen filling the tyres at the track, we found it useful.  I've got absolutely no idea what this would be worth, so open to offers.

With the exception of the alignment tool it's probably best for pickup - I live about 10 minutes from Toowoomba track.  If you're interested either PM me on here, or email me at dennis.neagle@gmail.com

Cheers, and Merry Christmas (can we still wish a Merry Christmas on here?)  :-)

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what are the dry rims (alloy, douglas lv, douglas vented, douglas solid)?

I'm after one of those rotax restrictor plates if you'd seperate out from the lot and post?  if so, let me know how much.

I'm interested in the wet rims and tyres and the tyre covers. Let me know what you want for them
How much for steering lock piston tool and chain tool

Kieron, how does $10 + postage sound ?

Scott, $100 and the wets, wet rims, tyre bag and tyre booties are yours.  Pick up preferred (that's an awful lot of bubble wrap)

Bill, $50 (plus postage if you can't pickup) and those 3 tools are yours.

Ben, I THINK they are solid douglas rims - I'll try and do a google image search to confirm that today. 

I'll have a mate coming down to toowoomba for Christmas around the 23rd if that will work for you. Otherwise I'll have to get them posted

Scott, consider it done - the timing works for me.  email or message me for details.  Cheers!

Can you post pictures for me. Thanks

Will do, Bill.

Thanks Dennis
I tried to message you but it said we have to be friends

Try it again, looks like the friend request process is now complete . . .

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