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Well it's that time again!
This year we will be giving National plates for Master class winners that can be used in any Master class races Australia wide, in the same class of course...
The track is looking great.
Many hours and considerable resources have been spent in replacing all wood chip with gravel traps, upgrading the track drainage and a new shed over our roll on roll off scales, amongst other smaller tweaks too numerous to mention.
With a round of the Rotax Pro Tour following the week immediately after some may wish to prolong the fast and furious fun for another week... The more race fit anyway....
Camping is available, the canteen serving up good tucker..
We hope to see all you 'Old bastards' who've still got it in you for this celebration of karting!
Are you coming?

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Seeya there mate!


It will surely be a pleasure getting another driving lesson from you!
There is some real competition in our class..
The track and grounds are just about perfect.
Though there is a hell of a lot of Mojo rubber down ATM.. Hahaha.


Well mate I will be there but unfortunately will be confined to Pit Crewing for our guys as my current class of racing is not permitted by KA at club level,  

We have put in an application to KA and hopefully we might get a run next year, it is a shame that it is not so long ago that the "low performance" class of "Bigger" guys supported some big entry numbers so hopefully it will get consideration for next year..

I am going to miss, after some 20 years, having a run at our favorite meeting, but from the current amount of "Restricted" entries our guys will need to take their A Game if the want to get up the front.

There will be some very good racing with the current entry list.

We look forward to catching up with all.



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