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Do the raceways or karting associations have any rules against communications devices between driver and pit crew etc?

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Seen a few posts like this, again I give credit to Hewitt as I am just a touch late... 

Comms are only permitted in practise and endurance racing. I personally use them for practise helping my son with his line positioning, working great for us! I'm tempted by their sponsorship, anyone used these guys? http://www.intarace.com/ 

Paul Hewitt said:

Hi Damien,


I can see a use in endurance races, ie advising pitcrew of potential on kart problems to fix when they stop etc, advising position etc, discuss tactics on the run etc.


Don't see much use in sprint racing though as what would you be saying over the radio that would be of any immediate use? I mean you need full on concentration all the time not being distracted by a radio in your ear and most likely not hear clearly whats being said.


I use a radio at our enduro to talk to safety kart driver, its only from me to him, and he doesn't talk back as all you hear is outside noise and he has to take his hand off the wheel to press his button , [ vox doesn't work as engine noise just keeps his end open and I can talk to him]


some I have seen use a field signal to communicate basic instructions.


Enduros no problem with, sprint can't see the real benefit.

Damian Cane said:

Yes Pro kart do allow comunications for kart and pit crew. Theya re simple 2 way UHF radios. Auskart also allows Comunications as well.

I think both have the same previso's that the radio cant transmit data.

They are not to much to buy at all, and actually are very usefull, as teams can see accidents well before the driver will and so can alert a adriver to an accident, to mention one benifit to them.

Paul Hewitt said:

I understand its against the rules to have any radio communications [ outside assistance] but pit signals via boards are ok [ in endurance racing they are] I think?


I believe Prokart endurance racing allows radio comms??? AKA doesn't.

We put a push to talk button on the steering wheel and the helmet had the speakers in it. It would be useless in a sprint race. 

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