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Does anyone know why the track is "closed until further notice". Obviously it's raining out of control and there is some flooding around Gympie but I wouldn't have thought the track would be flooded. I hope nothing bad has happened to our track :(

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I just hope all the rain that's falling hasn't damaged the track. I guess we're going to start hearing stories like that soon though.
I know there used to be a issue with heavy rains that a few corners coped alot of runoff over them and it takes a while to get that dirt back off but I thought that issues was fixed. But who knows whats going on with all this rain.
yeap, safe to assume there is some issues with drainage.....lol
Far out! That's intense!

Photos were taken this morning by Roger Oddie, the last remaining CCKC member with access to the track
Thats a flag point roof
That's insane............

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