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Hi im just wondering if theres a particular method to setting the rear axle hight on a crg ive only set it in otk karts that have the three holes but my crg is only one long bolt hole, the previous owner had the kart going well so want the same ride hight that was in it which was roughly the middle,

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i always assumed it was a 2 setting adjustment, either up or down. Otherwise pretty hard to get axle height same both sides, can be done though. What chassis?
Its a kt11 chassis, i ended up setting it up where it was in the middle/upper position kinda using the old bolt marks and used a ruler to get it where i hope its right...

If its only meant to be either up or down id like to know because ive done it middle ish where last owner had it
I've always had mine set low, axle up. It's what crg recommend in normal dry conditions. I have tried high, but kart did not respond well. Never tried middle.

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