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Does Social Media Policy apply to the Board of Karting Australia?

You have a CEO of Karting Australia that has forced people who are passionate about karting, have volunteered more time and work than this person would ever do for karting in Australia, that have put facts and truths on social media because they were seeing a sport spiralling backwards – then dragged through a Kangaroo Court and given hefty to life bans – yet he himself has commented a lot worse on Twitter about AFL and other subjects?

The number of snips from Twitter by this man one would consider him to be an continual cyber bully which include;

  • comments about Caroline Wilson a leading sports journalist and TV and Radio personality.
  • His concerned about numbers “Remind me how many goals has she kicked during her career again”
  • Accuses the VFL of match fixing in regard to umpiring
  • If you’re going to make contact with an umpire, make sure you do it on purpose
  • Embarrassing bunch of losers
  • Tara Brown is delusional about self-importance. Report, not make the news and do no harm. 60Min fail on all counts
  • Gil gets lots of simple decisions wrong. Should have surveyed clubs.
  • It’s almost like the constant tinkering with rules makes if difficult.
  • Mcdevitt – the most reviled inconsistent and hypocritical person in Aust sport
  • I didn’t know that lunatic was still in the Senate.  Time for a vote.
  • Oh, to be AFL footballer. Put on a suit smile and get away with the crime.  The law is an ass. No justice here.

This is just a very few examples of the CEO malicious comments on Twitter so how can this man be taken seriously while he has discredit others who have only had karting at heart. 

If he was not concerned about his comments on social media - why has he now deleted his twitter account?

It is time the Karting Board reconsider the outcomes of these Kanagaroo Court decisions.

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Well yes if you follow what you implemented Mr KO

The MPP applies to the Board, all the staff, all officials, volunteers and members, but only in the karting domain. That's just common sense.

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