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Did anybody else see on the KA website the EOI for a Control Cadet kart to be used with a 4SS.


As a father of a cadet 12, a control chassis for 4SS is not what what we want. We just want tyres that last longer. Is that too much to ask??

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You are forgetting that KA has to make an earn out of all this, so they have re-invent the wheel to bring in a class they can see meets the requirement karters are screaming out for??????

The WOSR mentioned about a controlled chassis, they are obsessed with it via the links with other forms of motor sport.

As you say harder tyres are what is needed.  Kids who learn on harder tyres appear to be better suited as they grow through the ranks.

They talk to no one about issues, and act on unrest.  The sooner the board is removed and the karters wrestle back control of the sport, the better.  In 4 & 1/2 years the only thing that has gone up are wages and expenditure, karting numbers have plummeted.   There is no light at the end of the tunnel, although if there is one it will be an oncoming train.

Im happy about a 4 stroke cadet class, but agree longer lasting tyres is WAY more important than a control kart.

But if a control kart is what it takes to get a 4SS for my 6 yr old im thrilled! 

The biggest question is why is a controlled chassis required for a grassroots club day class. Remember 4ss is only for club days so wouldn't it be better to have any chassis and a longer lasting tyre. As Neville said ka need to get their cut out of it . 

Do 4 strokes fit into cadet chassis OK?

Were I race which is only 4 stroke they fit fine into cadet karts of all ages. On some of the earlier models they can be a bit of a challenge. 

Then I totally agree. Screw the control chassis!

Like Neville says.

As it stands now, you can buy any suitable second hand chassis. A control chassis means that you have to buy brand new, at least for the next couple of years.

And what would be the point of a control chassis if KA weren't likely to get a cut.

If the reason for this class is to introduce kids or adults to the sport of karting then it has definitely missed it's mark & casts doubt on the intelligence of the people who are making this decision. People ENTERING this sport do not want or be forced into buying NEW!  As Terry correctly points out there will not be a second hand market for several years. Apart from people with deep pockets who wants to buy new to see if you even like the sport?  This sort of thinking got karting where it is today!

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