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Ever thought about trying Superkarts. Here is your chance. The Queensland Superkart Club has an offer to KA licence holders for a meeting at Lakeside Park September 10 and 11. Practice will be available in Friday 9th September for $80.00 half day and $120.00 full day. Entries close Thursday September 1st.
Offer is as follows.
1. 50% off race entry (Save 147.50)
2. Membership will be honoury for 1 event (Save $80.00)
3. KA licence will be acknowledged by Queensland Raceways but proof that it is valid will need to be supplied.
The costs are as follows for this offer.
Race entry. Normally $295.00 but now $ 147.50. Payment to Queensland Superkart Club Inc
Westhold Transponder. $120.00 then $100.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $20.00. Buy/hire from Queensland Raceways.
Raceiver Headset. $125.00 then $75.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $50.00 as they have to throw away the earbuds after use for obvious reasons.  Buy/hire from Queensland Raceways
Licence upgrade. You will need a licence upgrade for the insurance. You will need to supply proof that your KA licence is valid. Single event licence is $60.00 with your valid KA licence. Buy from Queensland Raceways.
This offer is to all TAG125 engined karts, KZ2 125cc Gearbox karts mainly as it fits into our classes. However, if there was a group of 6 competitors with something different, say SA250 engined karts, it maybe possible to run for this 1 event as a trial.

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The Queensland Superkart Club Inc is in negotiations with RACERS so a new 85cc Junior Superkart class can happen. Technical specs are being finalised but it looks like being KZ2 CIK chassis with Yamaha YZ85 engines with a controlled RLV pipe. on pump unleaded fuel to keep costs down.

No formal announcement has been made yet but I would expect it soon. It will be possible for kids 12 to 16 yo to race on car race tracks and change gears like their motorsport heros. 

Check out the club website http://www.qldsuperkart.org/ and face book page  https://www.facebook.com/QLDSUPERKART/

The QSC Inc has introduced some changes to the NGB classes for 2018.  Opening it up to all TAG engines used in KA.  As well as separating them into aero and non-aero groups.  Ask us how to get involved and be part of the action!! Don't forget to like and share our posts to make sure they appear in your news feed!!

Its finally here, the first practice for 2018 so you can hone your skills before the season starts. Queensland Superkart Practice Day Saturday February 17th Lakeside Park Coat $120.00 half day $160.00 full day. Please inform the QSC Inc Secretary on 0412638627 if you are going. See you there


Formula Junior Superkart is a new initiative from the Queensland Superkart Club Inc for competitors as young as 14 to try gearbox karting. Using 85cc motorcross engines fitted to KZ2 chassis (previously and current homologations) the class will prove to be good close racing on motorsport race tracks everybodies racing heroes have driven on.

For more info, have a look at the QSC Inc website http://www.qldsuperkart.org/blog/formula-junior-superkart-promo or facebook site https://www.facebook.com/QLDSUPERKART/ 

Entries are open for Round 2 of the 2018 Queensland Superkart Championship to be held at Queensland Raceway May 5 - 6. Get your entry in fast. Any questions, please contact the Tresurer/ Race Secretary on treasurer@qldsuperkart.org(link sends e-mail) or phone 07 54268472.

Its an ideal chance for competitors with KZ2/ Rotax Max/ TAG sprint karts to try road racing. Don't forget we have a 85cc junior class that has just started. Drivers from 14 years of age can race them. Cheap reliable racing. We have many 85cc senior competitors already with competitors from 14 to their late 60s.


Update the web site. I click on results & get 2016 Club championship! How long since anyone did an overall update?

Its being done now as we need some more pictures to complete it. Here is the short version http://www.qldsuperkart.org/article/2017-season-it-was

Its just been put up now Richard http://www.qldsuperkart.org/results

An 85cc Junior Superkart information day at Xtreme Karting will be held June 10th from 9am to 12pm. Have a chat to the boys about getting involved. Promo attached


Honestly Anthony the low numbers are due to 2 factors. The cost of entry used to be $295 (2016) which is a large amount compared to $80 in Sprint Karting but is beyond the control of the Club. Secondly running meetings over 2 days is not the way to go. Far too long is wasted just sitting around waiting for your next race. Run some classes on the Saturday & others on the Sunday. I think the Club has tried this recently. What was the feedback from members?



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