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Ever thought about trying Superkarts. Here is your chance. The Queensland Superkart Club has an offer to KA licence holders for a meeting at Lakeside Park September 10 and 11. Practice will be available in Friday 9th September for $80.00 half day and $120.00 full day. Entries close Thursday September 1st.
Offer is as follows.
1. 50% off race entry (Save 147.50)
2. Membership will be honoury for 1 event (Save $80.00)
3. KA licence will be acknowledged by Queensland Raceways but proof that it is valid will need to be supplied.
The costs are as follows for this offer.
Race entry. Normally $295.00 but now $ 147.50. Payment to Queensland Superkart Club Inc
Westhold Transponder. $120.00 then $100.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $20.00. Buy/hire from Queensland Raceways.
Raceiver Headset. $125.00 then $75.00 refunded when handed in at the end of the event so the hire cost is $50.00 as they have to throw away the earbuds after use for obvious reasons.  Buy/hire from Queensland Raceways
Licence upgrade. You will need a licence upgrade for the insurance. You will need to supply proof that your KA licence is valid. Single event licence is $60.00 with your valid KA licence. Buy from Queensland Raceways.
This offer is to all TAG125 engined karts, KZ2 125cc Gearbox karts mainly as it fits into our classes. However, if there was a group of 6 competitors with something different, say SA250 engined karts, it maybe possible to run for this 1 event as a trial.

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Some more info on the practice day that is available September 9th.


Everyone is welcome at these practice days. Just need to contact the club so we know you are coming. Don't need to be a club member for the practice days. Just need to make the licence/ safety requirements. 

Your engine will need to have a clutch.

Will need a plastic CIK rear bumper bar.

Will need the right safety equipment (level 2 CIK suit, approved helmet, gloves, boots and balaclava).

Bring some bigger jets otherwise your engine might seize.

Some tall gearing. A rotax max will need a 16 tooth front sprocket and 68 teeth on the rear would be a good start. Leopards will need a 15 tooth front. This is what we ran last time we tried these engines.

The most important thing is to have some fun. Never know you might like it. 

My son (driver) & I have competed at the last 2 events at Lakeside & Queensland Raceway. I have never had so much enjoyment & the commaraderie made us feel at home right from the start. The Licence changeover is easy & can be done at Lakeside on practice day if you let Queensland Raceway know in advance. There are 6 types of slick tyres to choose from (yes, you get a choice) & the wets are whatever you have.

I would also mention that you get 4 entry tickets worth $100 in a full entry fee.Weights are 165kg TaG Light & 185kg TaG Heavy.A set of tyres will last at least 4 meetings.

Superkarts have opened these classes to ALL engines that qualify for TaG in sprintkarting so come & join us & have some REAL fun again. Four(4) of our Club members were at Phillip Island  for the Superkart Nationals. What a blast to go around the island in a go kart!

If you are interested in giving Superkarts a go on 9,10 &11th September Superkarts has a website so get the number from there & gave Roger a call.

I'm sorry, did you say in there that superkarts QLD has opened up to all tag engines? What ruleset are you running under?

never saw a engine looked at when I raced it it so I think its a gentlemans rule book,lol

Hi Shaun,

               if your kart/ engine complies with the current KA rule book, for a come and try purpose, the club is willing to let you run in your spec. All TAG engines for this meeting? Yes. Its a bit of a trial to see what interest is out there. If it goes ok, it might be expanded to other events at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway in the future. Its an ideal way to try road racing and save some money doing so.

               The Queensland Superkart Club Race Secretary contact details are available at this link





Come & join us. It is fun! Take advantage of the discount.

Superkarts is also for JUNIORS with a JMax engine. The minimum weight is 150kg.

The juniors can race the Jmax engine without a restrictor from 12 to 15 years of age. Nick Percat raced in this class,  and in his last 6 months he was driving around Mallala only 1/2 a second slower than the fastest seniors.   I race senior heavy,  and at Philip Island I have had juniors slipstream and pass me at top speed on the main straight.



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