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FOR SALE - Two kart trailer with heaps of room for spares

For sale two kart trailer with heaps of room for spares, gear and trollies $3250


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Did you buy this trailer off David Strid?

Where abouts are you located?

Im located in Sydney, but when I was in Melbourne I drove for a guy called David Strid, and that looks exactly like the trailer he had built, right down to the rims that I organised for him through a mate with a tyre business. He has a business called DLS computers.

More photos of the inside please. lance.mayes@gmail.com

hey the trailers in melbourne, not sure who dad got it from

Hi Interested in trailer could u please provide contact details thanks

0400 760 051 is my mobile or hayden.renshaw@gmail.com

Trailer is still for sale.

Is trailer still for sale?

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