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Hello and welcome to KartBook.

We hope to keep things clean and fair around here, and for that reason there a couple of rules. Please stick to them and we'll all be happy:

1. To be a member of KartBook you MUST use your real name. (If you have set up your profile with a "handle" name, you can edit your name by editing your settings - top right of your screen). If you post without using your real name, we will ask you nicely ONCE to update it. If you don't rectify the problem, we ban you. Pretty straightforward. This rule is in place because we're rather sick of karters accusing others of cheating (among other things) while hiding behind a pseudonym, a tactic that was rampant at the old forum.

2. No swearing/bullying/sniping/flaming etc. There are many places on the web where you can do that sort of thing - and this isn't one of them. If you do, we won't bother editing your post or replacing the word with something ridiculous like *flowers*, we'll just delete it. Anyway, karting's a very small community, and because you'll be posting with your real name you wouldn't wish to be crass or offensive, would you? If you wouldn't say it in person, in front of the kids, don't say it here (because the kids are reading it!).

3. No advertising. There's a marketplace section, put it there. You can also start a group for your shop/business and do all the advertising in there you like. Put adverts anywhere else and we'll delete it.

4. That's it, have a great time and make it a point to help someone out. If you see something that contravenes these guidelines, please either (politely) ask the offender to edit the problem, or contact Col Fink, Darren Camilleri, or Luke Fong. It's our community, let's make it a great place to be!

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to make a reminder of the rules of using real name when you sign up  (your full name, not just your first name)

Have fun, and let's enjoy the serenity :)





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