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In an interesting letter to Kees van De Grint - the CIK-FIA Vice-President - Angelo Parrilla of DAP karts has proposed a new way forward to replace the KF classes which have proved to be a bit of a disaster in most countries.

He proposes a return to 100cc air cooled motors with the simplicity of not requiring rediators water pumps etc.

The motors would have an 11cc combustion chamber which should limit revs thus improving the life of components.

Two types of motors - piston port for juniors and reed valve for seniors.

Side pods but no nose cones or big plastic rear bumpers to try and improve driver discipline.

Some interesting thoughts from a someone who has been involved at all levels for many years.

The letter was published in the latest copy of Karting Magazine in the UK.

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Mal, what did u do in the Euro thing to think its so crap? Very interesting 

Maxter, TM, IAME Italsistem & few other all make a 'Sudam' engine for the South American market,
The all make 38hp direct drive. I think these with hand operates clutch & front brakes is a good replacement for KF.

But I'd like to see different barrel for KZ engines for a junior class.

Aircooled is backwards I reckon, as is removing bumpers.

is DAP still around? was the Mag an 1st April edition? I recon a 200cc air cooled class with a single make rpm limiting cdi front brakes and back to direct drive. The class would bring the weight back down, lower engine costs, keep hp up, sound like a real kart engine. Why do karts need to have the more complex engine designs, when they a mechanically quite simple. (yes I understand the setup is less simple). But to the CIK-FIA please keep the KZ, it just looks like too much fun to get rid of that!

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