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I run tag restricted light, and have my first race this weekend. I'm running a 10 front and 79 rear sprocket, but I can't seem to get the kart past about 14400rpm. I know driving plays a big part, but what gearing are guys I'm my class running at Oakleigh? It's an x30 by the way. I just want to get the setup right so I can get the most out of it

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What are your minimum revs?

About 5000 from memory

Seeing as you're running an X30 play around with the needles and if nothing else chuck some extra teeth on it 


Cam said:

About 5000 from memory
I do think think the carb settings are wrong, it runs great. What sprockets do you run?

When i did run restricted medium on a rotax evo i had it at 89 teeth ( if my memory is correct), but that's drastically different to an X30, so where you're at in terms of gearing and for restricted light seems about right, could be in the kart setup or in your driving, i mean I've only been to Oakleigh once with the restricted setup ( was also my first time out there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nmLZqlfhKE ) and i found that you really had to nurse the rev's and be really smooth on the wheel to be sure that the rear end was sliding as little as possible. Not to assume or be rude but what I've noticed with a lot of new racers/ drivers is they have a tendency of out braking themselves into corners causing them to lose all momentum mid to exist which affects the revs drastically, and corner exist speed, i suffered from the same habit when i first started out and started to adopt the "slow in fast out" strategy. If you want to talk about it further be free to give me a call or text on 0421 494 427 
Cam said:

I do think think the carb settings are wrong, it runs great. What sprockets do you run?
Nah fair enough, I'm not too proud to admit my driving could be better. Oakleigh is a very technical track, I'm told one of the harder ones to master. I just wanted to make sure my gearing was the same/ similar to my competitors. Thanks

I'm running an 83t in medium, so anywhere around 81t should be ok

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