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Hi Guys,

Just a quick Post to see if this concept is dead in the or still alive. 

There was a post back in 2014

Go Kart Racing Telemetry by remote control

I think its a great idea, but the guy took it too far.  Too complex, too expensive.

As understood by the responses.

What If there was a simple version.

Basically a Read out on your Wheel, with a few Buttons.

Enter, UP, DOW, Recall 1, Recall 2

With this config, I can create the following features:

-Manually adjust the Hi or Low Needle from your steering wheel, while driving. 1 Push is set Inc/Dec.

-Save a particular Needle Position, to any of memory positions.

-Recall any of 3 memory positions, and have your needles dial to these settings instantly.


Recall 1 = Optimal Hi Needle Setting.

Recall 2 = Optimal Low Needle Setting.

Recall1+2 = Default Needle setting.

Needle pos can be displayed on a 2x Line LCD Screen.

Have not spent much time on this, but have proven it can be done.  

Reply with :-

1. Waste of Time

2. Would never use it

3. I Would use it

4. Would never be Legal

or combos of each. Just so I can gauge this, and see if its worth pursuing.


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From AKA manual, page 149

Adjustment of Carburettor jet needles must be done by manually turning the jet needle, or its extension, only.

Is that final ?

Open Class same ruling ?

5. It is not legal.

I expect that it is within the KA Rules to have extensions on the jet needles that can be manually operated from the steering wheel (or elsewhere) and each may include a (as in one?) mechanical stop

No fly by wire/electrical adjustments

It may be possible to design a readout of the jet position that complies with the KA Rules

Given that the Technical Rules at page 149 appear to allow extensions to be added to jet needles for all classes it is interesting that Speedway Rules at pages 257 and 260 specifically allow jet extensions in those classes - Why is it shown there and not for all other classes ?

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