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Is it due to the little traffic that now comes to this forum, that no one is talking about the AGM Report and Financials?

Interesting that no one here is analyzing either.

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Its funny years ago (2010) if you were to say bad things about the then AKA the members not AKA were the first to pull you up and i know that first hand.

Having said that the enforcement of rules should not be abused i was a victim of online bullying and had a crash with a guy he never spoke to me in person but chose to take it to a public forum and called me all sorts of names and comments. I think thats the type of thing this social media thing should be about 

WOW Simon what are you racing Formula 1

$120 entry?? What club are you racing at?

$275 Tyres depending what class. We run Tag R Light and would get a least 3 meets for a set. $275 (your price)  so divide $275 / 3 = $92.00 

$50 entry

Petrol at 1 litre per race x 4 races = 4 liters  so lets say 5 litres for the V8 your driving 4 x $1.70 litre Includes oil 6.80

Chain every meeting I dint think so = $62 into 4 meetings at minimum -= $15

Spark plug because Im feeling lucky $20

Bacon and egg roll, coffee, and hot chips, bottle water $20 

So what do we have for the day

$92 + $6.80 + $50 + 15 +  $20 + $20 = 203.80 give or take a few dollars but I reckon I am pretty close

I dont about you Simon but if you were a budget karter to race club days only you would choose the most cost effective class to run wouldn't you

Simon Dermont said:

$200 for a club day??? Tell him he’s dreaming. $120 entry, $275 tyres $50 fuel/oil, say $50 worth of hours put on your motor...and that’s without any prep costs like chains, sprockets, bearings ect club days cost $600 ish at a guess.

Just to clarify, $40 is a 4 month trial licence and membership (awesome idea), $120 for 12 months, national licence and club membership and $10 per rider entry for a local race meeting.

Still in a totally different realm to karting that is for sure.
David Arnold said:

Boy I hope so John. They can put my name on any list they like and take note of the following.

I took our kids to BMX come and try evening last night. all 3 kids loved it. Guess that might be on the cards now. Good 2nd hand bike $300-$400. Membership $40 each and $20 for a key to the track any time we like. They were sounding a little hesitant to say a new top of the line bike for pro riders might run into $2k-$3k and a good kids bike might run in at a little over $1500.
Wow, for the cost of one set of tyres and fuel for a single meeting in karting, I can set up one of my kids in BMX for 12 months.
So what it cost me in karting, for just 3 meetings in consumables alone, I can set up all 3 of my kids to have fun for the first 12 months. That puts costs into perspective for me.
Is it motor sport? No, but I bet they will have just as much fun and they can fang around the yard in the kart I have at home for free, any time they want.

Toowoomba had 105 entries today. Drivers still had fun. Some met with stewards. Some bloody awesome racing.

Expect similar turnout over coming months.

Not that long ago that 50 entries was a good day.

So club must be doing something right, and all without the help of ------ what's their name?

How did you guys manage that?
We need some of that magic.
We had to call off an event yesterday because no one turned up.
*almost no one.
We had more officials that competitors

Where is that Patrick?

Patrick Carter said:

*almost no one.
We had more officials that competitors

You would think the heirachy in any sport would be deeply concerned when numbers are so low clubs have to cancel meetings through lack of interest. Not KA in the sport of karting. ALWAYS remarkably quiet when participation numbers are discussed. Very quick to ban people but astoundingly slow & reluctant to take any advice from people who have a lifetime of experience. How long has Doohan been involved in karting?

Toowoomba is to be applauded for it's success after leaving KA's control. How many did Warwick get at the last meeting ...50 perhaps? Used to get 85+ !!! The apathy is now catching up with karters. Remember the next time you turn up for a meeting don't be surprised if there is a sign saying the meeting has been cancelled. 

Patrick Carter said:

How did you guys manage that?
We need some of that magic.
We had to call off an event yesterday because no one turned up.

Be careful Patrick, If you say what club had to cancel a meeting due to low numbers on a public forum, you will likely be banned from KA for bring the sport into disrepute. :-(

I mean after all, highlighting problems in the karting world is a massive problem after all. :-()

Neville Scullion said:

Where is that Patrick?

Patrick Carter said:

*almost no one.
We had more officials that competitors

Out here at Wagga Wagga

They can try banning me but I'm not currently a KA member. Just giving the club a hand.

You wouldn't be the first non participant official to be banned from anything karting related, other than spectating, and some event banned beyond that.

It really does make the mind boggle what they will do to who, for what.
Patrick Carter said:

Out here at Wagga Wagga

They can try banning me but I'm not currently a KA member. Just giving the club a hand.

Five pages and though I have not read them all I can guess what most say. I joined karting so my son could race but I never did, I just enjoyed the technical side of it and the day we blew the works CRG team into the weeds will forever live in my memory as they could not work out how we did it using an Ozzie chassis. 

Karting has been committing suicide through all that time and I have never known a time when it was at peace with itself. The reason for that is because it insists on having a national umbrella organisation to call the shots when these days with all the communication that happens it is simply unnecessary and detrimental. Each club has to abide by a ruling some clown somewhere else thinks might be a good idea when in reality the club should be structured around what works locally and not paying vast amounts of money to an organisation that causes nothing but trouble and impedes the club's efforts along with demanding money that they could use to. In all that time I have never known the state organisation in NSW or the national organisation to not have vociferous critics no mater who was in them and all elected by the clubs and the same clubs having different agendas so it is not surprising that the whole organisation is out of synch with the club level of the sport. Simply put the cohesion for a national delegated organisation does not exist and from what I observe has never existed. 

Then we come to those who stand on the sidelines and enjoy bashing their heads against the same brickwall instead of doing something about it and walking away. That approach has never worked because the critics will not work and has never worked because those same critics have never themselves formed into a group who can influence any outcomes they might want. The whole bloody thing is a mess and always will be until the critics find the means to be more cohesive. 

I can't even begin to comprehend why any club needs the KA, it simply defies all logic. If anyone can explain that to me in little words I can understand please do because I have yet to see one. Myself, I don't give a damn if the KA reads this or not, I am not a member and have never been having dropped out of sprint karting before the KA was invented and joining the superkart ranks simply because I never agreed with the way things were going in sprint and I voted with my feet. 

There was nothing wrong with the pre governance form of organisation, I said at the time that putting governance in was a mistake and it would suffer the same way that the AKA had and surprise, surprise that is exactly what has happened. My advice is vote with your feet and leave the KA and do not form another umbrella organisation, it is simply not needed. Keep all the money in the club and build it to suit the local area. also simplify the whole thing and run the class structure of your choice. The KA will find it unrewarding to govern fresh air I reckon.

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