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Have a person tell me tonight that ka are going 4 stroke for cadets and there will be a media release about it soon . has anyone heard anything about it as I think its only someone saying it to sell motors to people who dont know . any info on it would be good to have for my club I run with . its a non ka club . thanks

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Doesn't sound right to me. Who knows what rule changes KA have planned, but I call BS on that one. Maybe email Mick Doohan!

poms are using Honda 4 strokes for kids with big fields ,maybe they want to go down same path

I race at a 4 stroke club on dirt but thought it would be strange if ka were doing this with everyone buying the mini ROK so just wanted to see if anyone knew what was going on .The engine supplier is saying it but not sure if its just to get our club to buy them . Just didn't make sense at the time but would be a good budget class if it gets going . Will wait and see what happens .

sounds like a good idea.

If it happens, it'll most likely be a Torini engine...

See Ken comments below!!!

Cam said:

Doesn't sound right to me. Who knows what rule changes KA have planned, but I call BS on that one. Maybe email Mick Doohan!
Was told it would be a torini motor and he is stocking up but just wondering if he is just talking it up with the hope of selling more motors . I personally would like a sealed motor in my club but would prefer a Briggs and Stratton lo206 as they are factory built . I have raced 4 strokes for awhile and know of the dramas with heads being changed by the manufacturers in China so hopefully that won't happen . otherwise it will be a selected head like in the states .

So, who is the distributor for Torini? SP Tools.

SP Tools is also the same joint that supposedly assists the Junior Sprockets programme.

Get the picture. Nepotism.

The kart engines will be from brisbane knk karts . They do engines for auskarts here with billet rod and flywheel and a ceramic coated piston . Auskarts have been running them for awhile but have heard mixed stories on them . they will be sealed but not sure if its just the bottom end or head as well . I know the lo206 is only sealed on the bottom end so heads can be maintained .
The current engine contracts would still have 2 years left to run so introducing a new cadet engine would be unlikely at this stage.
Thanks paul I thought it would be longer before they were due up .

Well here's a brochure for it with pricing and all..

Also all listed on the SP site now..

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