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Have a person tell me tonight that ka are going 4 stroke for cadets and there will be a media release about it soon . has anyone heard anything about it as I think its only someone saying it to sell motors to people who dont know . any info on it would be good to have for my club I run with . its a non ka club . thanks

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Hi Dave I have put a new key way on the inside . Depending on what axle you have it may need to be done with a milling machine . I did mine with a four inch grinder . Rough but it works . biggest thing to worry about is the bar behind the seat may need to be moved and motor side seat stay . I have done this on a arrow ax5 and a old tony kart and works well . Just takes time to keep it all straight . I will try to take some pics on Saturday at our race meet and put them up . If they use 219 chains my advice is only cut the sprocket on one side as the split 35 sprockets can be a pain the get aligned .
Seems like it's seniors only...... A cheap engine for the Cadet 12 would be an unrestricted J..... Very similar performance to the mini rock and they could be used at Club levels only.....

Ops....juniors are included. Still think a second hand J would be better....least the dads would get to learn about 2-strokes . It's a shame the Subaru is not included in the engine choices, as there are quite a few out there. The class would have a ready made base to start from. A couple of clubs in Sydney would get 20+ entries, the first time this class is run if Subies were included( and they are already homologated).

Steve Southwell said:

Seems like it's seniors only...... A cheap engine for the Cadet 12 would be an unrestricted J..... Very similar performance to the mini rock and they could be used at Club levels only.....
Subies would be a great inclusion as so many are around already. I've always said that the j would be a great club level motor and that's why I didn't believe they were going to 4 strokes . but as always it would mean less money for those involved if we didn't have to buy new motors. Ivreally hope it works for ka but makes you wonder ad the blurb says entry level racing before buying a 2 stroke so is it only for new drivers and is it for only so long ???? I guess Monday will tell when the rules are put out to the public . plus not 100℅ sure but the torini clubmaxx may be different to the tc250 already homologated . To me the electric start would be better ad I know pull starting can be a real pain if you have a problem . most of our club use the old starters as its hard to find people even wanting to pull start you . I would love our club to have a sealed motor but for us its needs a couple of years to bring in but hopefully it can happen .

Not Including the Subie does not cost KA much, because the motor is now or soon out of production.......but as you say, it's not really about making it cheaper for the karter.............much more money would circulate if there were as many competitors as there was 10yrs ago............competing on a regular basis......

Looks like changes to Cadet 9 (at cub level) - No mag rims, No Alfano/Michron etc..

NO changes to Cadet 12 (even though I'd like to see a more durable tyre)

4S is for Juniors and seniors only.


Would not most teams already own the components that are now banned? How many people will have to buy new rims?  How is dad supposed to tell if he needs to change to a different sprocket without a data logger?

Great point steve. We have the situation where we have two kids, one which is going to up to cadet 12 (where the rules are basically the same as now) and my younger son (which as one more year in cadet 9) where he is going backwards in technology and times - where he has a mychron 5 data logger (which we will not be able to use), mag rims (again can not use) and we only race at tracks where sprockets required are size 81 and above. Tell me how that will reduce my race costs. I now have more things to buy to keep him on the track for next year!!

I have long been an advocate for a cheap entry level class such as what is being proposed.  The thing is, we had this already with the Subaru Club who ran some of their sprint meets at Picton before KA put an end to it.  But now it's a good idea?

I still think it was/is a good idea.  The proof was in the numbers, as it added about 30 racers to the meeting.  Back then, WKRC were getting about 130 to the meeting.  The last round was about half that.  As Steve mentioned, the Subaru's should be allowed to race.  Parity cannot be an argument as the Torini and the 206 will be miles apart based on the Subaru Club's testing.

I just hope that the motors are reasonably priced.  A Subaru package with the clutch is about $1500.  The Torini comes in at $1,390, ($895 as a motor only) so that a positive if it as reliable as a Subaru.   

Aussiespeed, who have been supplying the Subarus and Briggs motors to the endurance teams have had 206 packages for under $1200 with everything you need to get going. 


That is exceptional value and you'll easily be able to get a kart on the track for under $2,500.  

Let's hope IKD can match this pricing as "low cost" is everything in this class.  If the rumours of a $1750 price is true, then I guess we can safely assume where the rest of it is going. 


As you know we have been racing 4 stroke and love it.

Currently we can race our outfit in either Sprint (Outside of KA) or endurance.

2 members of our family have shared the Kart OUTSIDE OF KA, as KA has not had a sprint class for us.

We were so pleased to see that it was now going to be an option at KA club level, and we could have the Family discussion on which way to go, and get back, as a family, to supporting our KA club.

Our club did test both of the proposed motors as a replacement for the current motor and were not impressed with either

Currently with some 200 to 300 4 stroke Karter's in NSW, none are using either of the proposed KA motors

And then we read the proposed KA Rules.

Weight: 160 kgs. (The majority of current 4 stroker's in NSW go 175)

I go 190 and we have reasonable class numbers at that weight 

Licence: B grade. (one of us has a B the other has not )

NO data equipment.

Tyres unknown as yet but previous KA decisions on that point concern us.

So I should throw my current Motor in the BIN, and spend another $2K to support KA?

Or just buy some new valve springs, maybe a new spark plug, a new chain, so maybe $200 and stay with what we are doing?

Think we just might keep doing what we are doing until we see if a decent class forms with the new KA Deal..

We really were looking forward to KA club level 4 stroke sprint racing, but it looks like we may have to wait some more time, before some sense prevails?


Again the precipice of the new classes appears to be about isolating single suppliers to the sport.

As Max points out what tyres will be used? 

Will these engines be classified to run only in a single class.  Most 4 stroke engines compare roughly to a J so why not allow the J engine to run alongside the 4 stroke, or will the 4 stroke engine be allowed to run against a KA4 perhaps?  Perhpas then those with a J engine will bring it out of mothballs to run again?

A lot of the discussion here has been related to senior classes, however the introduction of an affordable class into juniors is something long term karters having been pushing for, for some time.

Now reflected in this statement:

“I see 4SS as a significant step forward for the entry-level of karting in this Country,” said Karting Australia Chairman Mick Doohan.

“A low-cost, low-maintenance formula is what is required at grassroots level and the implementation of 4SS provides just that.

“There’s little doubt in my mind that this is the ‘introductory’ Class that the Australian karting community has needed for many years.  It is the necessary piece of the karting pyramid to expand the base of our sport."

So it is interesting to note that although the press release advocates a 4 stroke junior class, will the 4 stroke engine be permitted to run in the Cadet classes, where numbers in particular of cadet 9 have dramatically been reduced over a few years?

The loss of number at the entry level is starting to reflect and will continue to reflect in other classes until the exodus of competitors is firstly arrested and then massaged to increase the number of competitors at club level.

This is only a very small step forward after some massive strides backwards.

Mitch, how much difference is there between the Torini and the 206?

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