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I am after some advice in regards to the location of the oxygen sensor on a IAME KA100 using the standard pipe.

If you could provide information and photos that would be great!

Thanks in advance. Mark

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Now the rules say you can use an oxygen sensor, any more comments as to the best location? Distance from barrel etc?

I dont know that anyone has actually drilled a pipe to see where the pipe actually runs at about 600 deg C for most of the time to be able to advise you.

Basically some one needs to be willing to drill some 3-4mm holes in an exhaust, do a run with a temp probe and see where the pipe runs at the O2 sensor operating temprature for most of the time. As one position is ruled out the hole will need to be welded up or blocked (which means the pipe is no longer withing the homologation rules and cannot be used for racing) and new one drilled. O2 sensors need to run at 600C to work correctly and the more consistant the temprature the more consistant the readings.

At this time  EGT would be more logical to use as the actual temp is not critical, just the way it varies. I dont know if EGT should be max temp then keep leaning until the temp drops 10 deg, or get max temp you can and then richen up to drop 10 deg. Some types of engine work the first way, others the 2nd. A dyno is the only way to be sure, track running is too variable to be totally sure.

Egt probes are recomended to be 100mm from the piston face (digitron instalation instructions).....I settled on 150 for EGO sensors.........think it keeps them away from any unburnt fuel mix at the exhaust port.....

If you are using a restricted ka100, an EGT probe will not give usable data.

At the over 40 's I ran my easitune sensor about 55mm out.Some people said it would not work.Did it affect my performance????? NOOOOOO.

I'll back that up. Bought Mr Brackams spare KA100 with easitune sensor nut welded into exhaust. Works a treat in unrestricted.
Centre of nut 80mm out from back of manifold flange.

 How far is that from the piston????

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