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I am after some advice in regards to the location of the oxygen sensor on a IAME KA100 using the standard pipe.

If you could provide information and photos that would be great!

Thanks in advance. Mark

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At this stage it is a bit grey about whether you CAN fit an EGO at all to the new engines.

An EGT probe is OK with some specific limits on the size of the probe.

Thanks Ron, EGO has been installed. I will be testing over the coming weeks.

Yes it is legal to run ezytune or similar sensor in the new KA 100 as per the manual. It MUST be fitted to the new pipe in a vertical position 56 mm from end of flange that buts up to header at the head.

That's a hopeless spot for it, The sensor wont work well enough being that close to the barrel.  

Rule makers jeez

That is not a rule, simply a suggestion by Remo. Put it wherever you want.

Paul....please quote the reference you are using to say they are legal.

Les Allan will be my reference, then I will sit back and watch the problem
get sorted once and for all either way

Your call Niven. 

I just went through the current rules and can only find EGTs mentioned. If the book stated exhaust sensor I would say EGO and EGTs would be OK.

So if you fit an EGO and get a slip, don't complain.  

An email from some watery tart handing out swords from a lake is no basis from which to form a government. Nor does it confirm a rule change..........

lol, Got it in one Steve, That's how the current rules are done.

Check mine out tomorrow.............Its Watery Tart approved :-)

I'll be the one clad in the finest samite................

Samite was a luxurious and heavy silk fabric worn in the Middle Ages.............perfect for watery tarts ..........


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