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ive recently got into karting and have got myself a second hand x3 with a KA100. I’ve just ticked over 13hrs and I am putting it in the shop for a top end rebuild this week. 

Can anyone shed a bit of light on how long these engines can go for between top and full rebuilds?



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Take the plug out. Take exhaust off & look up the exhaust port whilst moving the piston up & down note the black discolouration on it. This is commonly termed 'blow by' & indicates your engine is losing compression, thus power. Light hone & replace the piston & ring.

Thanks for that Richard. Is there a generally a certain amount of hours between rebuilds or can it vary quite a bit? If so, how many hours do you recommend? Also, are top end rebuilds quite simple and able to be done at home, or is it advised to take the engine to a shop to get machined?

Sorry Ryan, can't help you with the KA 100 rebuild time because I've never owned one. Unless you have all the necessary gear & the skill in doing a top end I would take it to a reputable engine builder.

the rebuild is quite simple but you will need to hone the barrel so you could take the barrel to a shop get them to hone and size a piston and then take it home and put it back together yourself......

On our race motor we aim for top end rebuild 10-12 hours, on practice motor 16 hours+.  This works for us, I know some people get the top end done for every big meet or after 8 hours, but this works for us.  Unless I really notice the power dropping.

Bottom end, usually when it goes!   Should be at least 2/3 times the top end hours.

That helps heaps Brett/Steve. Thanks for the advice

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