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This is for the kiddies.

Apparently a Karting movie is being made and casting has begun.


However I can't wait for them to advertise for the villain in this movie.  There is always a villain in every story.   Who might it be?  Who will be in line for the role?  How will the villain be portrayed?  Like a lot of American movies, the overbearing boss, constantly berating his subordinates, or will it be the subordinate/s rising against the establishment, eventually conquering the tyrant and everyone lives happily ever after? 

Will it be a true life story or a fantasy?  Who wrote the script I wonder?  Intriguing?

Get the black hats out, could be a cast of thousands auditioning here.

Camera, action !

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Psychic thoughts is they are doing a documentary on Mark Webber's motorsport career.

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