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Live Stream of German Kart Championship (DKM) with Australian Marcus Armstrong

Likely the middle of the night for you guys, but note that the DKM is broadcasting from Kerpen (aka Schumacher's track) this weekend. The stream is good, and the production quality is quite high -- they seem to have 8 or 10 cameras. The commentary is of course in German, but you can follow along in a second tab with live timing. 

It's an astonishingly international field, including the Australian Marcus Armstrong in DKJM (i.e., KF3). There are drivers from the US, Brazil, Taiwan, South Africa, Ukraine, UK, Denmark, etc. Among the big names is Davide Fore, the 5-time world champion. "Mick Junior," btw, is Schumacher's son. 

The other classes are DKM (KF1) and DSKM (KZ2). 

Live stream: http://new.livestream.com/kart-data/dkm-2014-04

Live timing and timing stats: http://lt2014.kart-data.com/DKM4/ 

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Marcus qualified 13th, was 13th in the first heat and a strong 6th in the second. 

Interesting how he has suddenly become an Australian?

Fooled by the microscopic flag icon! Amend to "karter Marcus Armstrong, from the greater Australian geographical part of the world." 

4th fastest in the morning warm up?

Yes, and right at this minute 6th in race 1. 

Final race for KF3 about to begin. Not sure of Marcus' starting position. Race 1 won by David Beckman, with Mick Junior in second. 

Mick won the final .08 ahead of Beckman, the American Juan Correa (with Energy chassis!) in 3rd. Marcus in 5th, 2 seconds out of the lead. 

Track, facilities and racing look top notch (Y)

Kerpen's a great old track, loved by drivers ("If you're fast here, you can be fast anywhere."), although it does have a deserved reputation as a chassis killer. (This was supposedly addressed by lower curbs last year, but I've heard doesn't help much.) 

Wait until you see Genk, the next/last round of the DKM on October 4/5. Not quite as interesting from the drivers' perspective, but it a modern facility with full FIA world championship status. 

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