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Hi all, we've just moved from Comer to MiniROK and have had conflicting ideas on gearing for various tracks. It doesn't help that the MiniROK is supplied with a 10 front sprocket when most people seem to run 11. Can anyone help me with their 10 or 11 gearing for Lithgow with the new surface, just to give us some starting point? Thanks

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Nick I can't say for Lithgow. However we run Todd Road, Oakleigh, Morwell and Pucka and Ballarat, the gearing ranges from 11-80 to 11-82.

I havent seen many tracks that vary from that.

11-81 is a good starting point

Out of the box supplied is 11t. Everyone puts a 10 on which also allows a smaller rear sprocket to be used and much less chance of tearing up chains and sprockets. Oakleigh , Todd Rd and Morwell all use 10/80 - 10/84 range. 

yeah most people I know run a 10T front and around 81 rear. I'm the odd one out that runs an 11T front. I think we had 11/84 at Lithgow when we there. Didn't win C9, but was faster than a few C12s. 

Found the problem, I had one on 10T front and the other on 11T but I had run same rear sprocket for each of them at Wagga & Orange interestingly their lap times were v similar but RPM was all over the place of course.
Lithgow at the weekend we tried 10/83 down to 10/80 and the 83 seemed the best fit during testing on the Saturday. I have heard of 10/77 there but all comes down to driving style I think too. Cheers!

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