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New Engine Builder-What a gem! Anyone new or old to the sport ANARCHY KARTSPORT

Hi, my son has been in the sport for 2 years now and we have really struggled for an honest and reliable engine builder... How many times have you heard you have a 'cracker' or 'its one of the best engines i have had' only to find the clock doesn't lie.. All too familiar, just felt compelled to post this as I had a great experience with a new engine builder. Anarchy Kartsport- Mark Johnstone. Mark rebuilt my sons KA 100 engine and the thing was fantastic, it was reliable and with the in-house Dyno I knew just exactly how the engine compared to others Mark had done. 

No number 1 drivers or flavours of the month everyone gets the same professional service.

We had problems with the engine since August last year, despite being to 2 different reputable engine builders and rebuilt on a number of occasions. Anarchy got it going!

I get nothing for posting this, apart from the satisfaction of knowing I got what I paid for and the Anarchy Team are a great honest crew!!!!!

For those interested call Mark 0488 445 305

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Great rap for one of the good guys Adrian. Your last builder was obviously happy just taking your money as he was with me and delivering nothing but shit and telling you how good it was. Only the select few get looked after there as we now know!

Having purchased a few engines and other gear off Mark over the last few years i must admit he is as honest as the day is long and it's great to see Anarchy rattling the cage of the others.

Thanks again to the guys at Anarchy for making the weekend at Ballarat enjoyable and putting the fun back in the sport.... Great strong engine backed up by a Great bunch of guys with exceptional service....Nothings to much.............................. Get on these guys before they get to busy..... 

Well said Adrian.  Concur totally.  I've been involved in the sport on and off for nearly 20 years, racing myself, now taking my son to the track and have to agree, one of the most genuine Engine guys I have come across and their level of service extends beyond Mark himself with his son Henry, not only being a gun driver himself, but a great role model and influence for son at the track who is always happy to pass on advice.  Can't recommend enough!!!!

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