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No need to throw the baby out with the bath water !

Now that NSW have declared their intention to leave, it would be very easy for just one other state to step up and call for a general meeting to dismiss the board.

Then.... we have the whole infrastructure in place to continue on with karter focussed people in these key positions.

There has been way too much money invested in the last 5 years to walk away from it.

There is apparently motions of no confidence underway in both Qld and Vic and if truth be known my old state of SA would be willing to do the same if only they had the gumption to get it underway.

It only takes one more to get the ball rolling.  COME ON !!!

The almost immediate effect would be to reduce costs to the everyday karter.

Tyres !

A recent poll  showed the durometer readings of current tyres... Tag has the hardest tyre and Juniors have the softest. Which idiot decided that was a good idea ?

1. Apparently Vega (hopefully not the last one we used) have a tyre available for $30 a corner!

How does $150 a set sound to the average karter  with $30 going into admin funds ?

Engines !

Both the Rotax and the X30 are world motors so there is no need to regulate the purchase via third party enforcing.

Would bring down the cost of these motors substantially.

I have no doubt that the other motors can also be bought cheaper than the current enforced suppliers in Aust.

Elite Classes !

We have always had them .... the old CIK and the international Oceania.

I was never a fan of the club karter funding the CIK and still don't. Those that competed at that level were and are, well capable of funding their own series. This level is well beyond the financial resources of the average family and should not impact on their weekend enjoyment.

These areas could immediately be reviewed by the new board and have an immediate impact on the cost of participation to families who just want to have fun.

So come on Qld or Victoria  or SA stand up and help NSW fight for your rights to control your sport the way the majority want it done.

High profile wankers have done nothing for us !!!!

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Well Ian the National body is now calling for a SGM, to dismiss NSW.

What a joke, No doubt the premise of the meeting has been set up by KA itself, through some of its muppets.  Exactly who they haven't disclosed to the Nation, just that a meeting has been called.

Shows how gutless some of the muppets really are.

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