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Notice of Disciplinary Tribunal from KA for Ken Seeber

17-009%20Ken%20Seeber%20Notice%20to%20Attend%20Disciplinary%20Tribu...   Well, well, well, got this notice to attend a disciplinary tribunal (see attached) from KA. Possibly suggesting I’ve been a bad boy in their eyes.  The evidence they are using is also included in the attachment.

I’ll certainly admit that I have questioned their performance and even taken the piss out of them (eg, the joke), but if they can’t take on board the general theme of my comments (which I’d like to think as constructive in terms of clubs having more autonomy and freedom to allow them to either grow or just survive) from some old retired wanker, then I can only think they are overly paranoid, reacting with intimidation. However, for everything I have posted or written, I have never had any one disagreeing with my perspective on the direction of sprint karting. Possibly I might now, with some taking KA’s side.

I will also admit that I have questioned their financial direction in terms of benefits to the clubs and its members.

I even recently stood down from the position of secretary of the Tiger Kart Club as to its overly ready (in my opinion) acceptance of the terms related to the new Mylaps timing system. To me I couldn’t be part of such an acceptance without any objective discussion. A sad day for me, as I have developed a lot of friends within the club. I have also developed a lot of friends over the last 25 years of general karting involvement.

So there you go. What should I do? Certainly though, I will take on the advice from objective others.




“Most people do things because they have to …

…those that get ahead do things because they don't have to …”

– Anonymous

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Ken a sad day ...  first they destroy yours and many other businesses that have actually supported the sport for very long periods of time, and now they are offended by you speaking out.

This is probably where it all will finish as many of us agree with your sentiments. 

Sums up what is wrong like a few others have already done and gets treated like a criminal after doing so. We all know what the answer is to who are the real perps..

 the board of KA should just harden the fuck up, If they cant take feedback on the shit that they are causing, then they should not be doing it,  Having been in this sport for over 28 years I have seen it go to utter shit from what it was like when I started, From getting to know Ken Seeber thru karting I have great respect for him as he is very pashinate about the sport,  O has anyone ever thought that KA are actually stalking a person when they go to that much trouble to gather the information that they get on one person

So sad to see when people can't have a honest thought about the sport they love . Ka need to realise people ain't just leaving due to cost but also all the bs they carry on with . I've been around karts for 30 years and have left due to the bs that they seem to think we all want .
Rodney I know how you feel but also remember kids are on here too .

Wish you well Ken

I was proud to be a part of AKA - sure we got things wrong too but never had the volume of dissent that there is now.

I am happy that I have nothing to do with KA and have left the sport in disgust

I can't believe the money they have wasted trying to persecute people who dare to oppose their point of view.

The result being a lot of us consider them to be self serving wankers with no idea how to grow the sport or keep it affordable.

Keep up the good work !!

Hey Ken, what a sad state of affairs. What I would like to say to any readers of this post is that I have known Ken Seeber for nearly 30 years through the Karting fraternity. In the social media world its easy to make decisions about people based on their keyboard activities without knowing the truth about the writer. There are some fairly volatile 'writers', some haters, some complete nut jobs,  and some who have an axe to grind about certain people.  This site gives them a voice. I can assure everyone Ken Seeber is not any of those. A true gentleman, honest, helpful, very quiet,  almost shy, friendly and a genuinely good and fair official. Not, in my opinion a political stirrer, activist or  nut job. A guy who has given the last 30 years to Karting as a 'fun' competitor, official and a manufacturer of equipment that has improved karting over that time. 

Good Luck Ken , you deserve a lot lot better than this.


I guess one question we should ask is Australia a country that has free speach or not.


 AFL facebook site is littered with comments negative and positive but they 

 are never removed. When u cant even post a comment about the first round of AKC being held at Monarto in the middle of summer without it being removed is ridiculous 

Intersting comment about Free speech. Most companies now have a policy regarding social media that is part of your contract of employment. OK I get that. Break it and you're fired. But an association where members are not employees is that the same? I guess its like if you want to join our club , heres the rules, stick by them or you're out. which seems a bit like a dictatorship.

BUT sorry this is deviating from the thread, so lets not go off at a tangent. 

Support Ken Seeber his heart is in the right place and he genuinely wants to help Karters. ( For what it's worth we are not  best mates and I haven't seen him for probably a year around the tracks in WA)


There is something fundamentally wrong with an organization when people, who have dedicated years of VOLUNTARY service to their chosen sport (Ken Seeber, Ralph Van Doorn, Neville Scullion etc) can be vilified and expelled by administrators who are only involved in the sport because they are PAID to be there. I wonder if the CEO would stay in the job if it was unpaid ??

Ken, It doesn't matter what you do or don't do from here, the result will no doubt be the same.....a lengthy ban.

Anyway, look on the bright side. If the sport was controlled by KNK (Karting North Korea), you would most certainly be shot for voicing such serious dissent.

There is no right to free speech as such, rather, there is a proscription against denying someone speaking up. Sorry for that, it's not a simple proposition. The Human Rights Commission has invalidated some proscriptive rules where they tip over into strict censorship.

Sorry Graeme, can you please put that in layman's terms. I don't understand the legalistic jargon

Graeme Hancock said:

There is no right to free speech as such, rather, there is a proscription against denying someone speaking up. Sorry for that, it's not a simple proposition. The Human Rights Commission has invalidated some proscriptive rules where they tip over into strict censorship.

You cannot speak the truth, if it reflects badly on the body that made the rule.............

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