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Notice of Disciplinary Tribunal from KA for Ken Seeber

17-009%20Ken%20Seeber%20Notice%20to%20Attend%20Disciplinary%20Tribu...   Well, well, well, got this notice to attend a disciplinary tribunal (see attached) from KA. Possibly suggesting I’ve been a bad boy in their eyes.  The evidence they are using is also included in the attachment.

I’ll certainly admit that I have questioned their performance and even taken the piss out of them (eg, the joke), but if they can’t take on board the general theme of my comments (which I’d like to think as constructive in terms of clubs having more autonomy and freedom to allow them to either grow or just survive) from some old retired wanker, then I can only think they are overly paranoid, reacting with intimidation. However, for everything I have posted or written, I have never had any one disagreeing with my perspective on the direction of sprint karting. Possibly I might now, with some taking KA’s side.

I will also admit that I have questioned their financial direction in terms of benefits to the clubs and its members.

I even recently stood down from the position of secretary of the Tiger Kart Club as to its overly ready (in my opinion) acceptance of the terms related to the new Mylaps timing system. To me I couldn’t be part of such an acceptance without any objective discussion. A sad day for me, as I have developed a lot of friends within the club. I have also developed a lot of friends over the last 25 years of general karting involvement.

So there you go. What should I do? Certainly though, I will take on the advice from objective others.




“Most people do things because they have to …

…those that get ahead do things because they don't have to …”

– Anonymous

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This matter should and will never be forgotten!

guess that this senseless pursuit of members commenced with Ian Williams (I hope my memory is correct on this), when he was removed as an official from an event in SA after a group of concerned individuals met to discuss their concerns after the end of competition for the day midway through a meeting.

While the topics of their disquiet may not have covered what we are seeing today, and while it did cause some concern at the time, it really was a portent of the totalitarian activities of this administration that we see today.

Then there was the time at Emerald when during controlled practice the day before competition for a state championship round, the appointed commentator was calling practice, and advising of the times showing up on CM:S.

A certain dad approached the CoC and demanded that the commentator stop letting everyone know what times were being achieved. The demand was then transmitted to the commentator.

First and foremost, the CoC should have told him to bugger off.

I think this last action shows the gross ignorance and stupidity od such a request. All that ensured was that the other dads and competitors simply went back to monitoring timing with the time honoured method of using stop watches, or even better, hooked into CM:S on their various wifi devices.

It is not the excrement that is the problem, just simply the depth and odour, which are gaining in depth and pungency.

Terry I enjoy reading your posts. Nothing to do with the subject matter. I just appreciate your phraseology. Keep it up.

Yes Terry

your memory serves you right

I think that day was the start of the rot- many of us were deeply concerned at the introduction of new KA policies and Ian did organise a get together (maybe not organised but provided the venue for the meeting)  which was the tech shed.

He was "dismissed" allegedly by the stewards because we were allowed access to the shed and being the thieving bastards that we are .... we could have stolen tyres or engine tags and therefore cheated!!

As you well know if a motor is to be changed or opened it has to be presented to an engine measurer and he provides the tag  and as for tyres ?? well again they are scanned on issue

So it was just a scam by the officials to slap the hand that dared to question ..

Sad day that day - when we found out that would be the  end of Super Heavy a lot of us voiced our concern and displeasure.  Scotty Simpsons mum was told to tell him "loose weight of find another sport"  great hey

Anyway I don't want to derail this thread  but say again

Ken  - thank you for all the service you provided to karting -  Strike pistons gave us so much more life out of the Yamaha

And it was a pleasure to work with you at the high levels of the sport

I condemn  the pricks that call themselves the current administrators of the sport that we all loved

KA ???pfft

Enjoy your new life Ken you have plenty of supporters

This only gets worse.

Warren Southwell who was also suspended for voicing his views, was suspended in his absence.  Not only was his matter heard and determined in his absence, it has been acknowledged that Warren had applied an automated message to his email informing the sender of any email that he was out of the country for a period of time.

I believe that the fact he was out of the country at the time of being served notice and that he would still be out of the country on the tribunal date, meant nothing to those supposedly running the sport, it was discussed at KA level and the result was the matter would be heard and determined in his absence anyway?

Natural Justice denied once again by the bumbling idiots running the sport.  Man up and stop acting like children in the playground who have had their lunch money taken off them.

If that offends you then take it up with me, don't sook and hide behind a rule book. 

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