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Notice of Disciplinary Tribunal from KA for Ken Seeber

17-009%20Ken%20Seeber%20Notice%20to%20Attend%20Disciplinary%20Tribu...   Well, well, well, got this notice to attend a disciplinary tribunal (see attached) from KA. Possibly suggesting I’ve been a bad boy in their eyes.  The evidence they are using is also included in the attachment.

I’ll certainly admit that I have questioned their performance and even taken the piss out of them (eg, the joke), but if they can’t take on board the general theme of my comments (which I’d like to think as constructive in terms of clubs having more autonomy and freedom to allow them to either grow or just survive) from some old retired wanker, then I can only think they are overly paranoid, reacting with intimidation. However, for everything I have posted or written, I have never had any one disagreeing with my perspective on the direction of sprint karting. Possibly I might now, with some taking KA’s side.

I will also admit that I have questioned their financial direction in terms of benefits to the clubs and its members.

I even recently stood down from the position of secretary of the Tiger Kart Club as to its overly ready (in my opinion) acceptance of the terms related to the new Mylaps timing system. To me I couldn’t be part of such an acceptance without any objective discussion. A sad day for me, as I have developed a lot of friends within the club. I have also developed a lot of friends over the last 25 years of general karting involvement.

So there you go. What should I do? Certainly though, I will take on the advice from objective others.




“Most people do things because they have to …

…those that get ahead do things because they don't have to …”

– Anonymous

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Warren's secret?


Warren worked tirelessly to ensure that the absolute truth was put before the Tribunal, and showed that he was prepared to be judged by his actions over a lifetime of dedication and effort into the sport that he holds so dear.

The quality of his, preporation and presentation of his submission, full of the knowledge he had gained of the TRUE Facts, could not be denied by the tribunal.

In Short he stood up for what he believed in and worked tirelessly to present truthful facts that were pertinent to the charge,

This really was a victory for truth and tenacity.

I am priveledged to be a friend of Warren Southwell..


I think I would rather be charged with ball tampering.

Apparently the penalties are less harsh.

Mick King said:

I think I would rather be charged with ball tampering.

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