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Picked up a kart with Radne Motor for 8yr old son

howdy all,

i picked up a CRG chassis kart with a Radne engine ..but i dont have a clue what size engine it is or what mixture to run .. does any one know about these Radne engines ? ill take a photo and post. 

I got the kart cheap and he told me it was a old Comer engine .. but i now know its not !

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The Raket (Radne) engine was an 85cc engine intended for Cadet racers back in the late 1980s. It was fan cooled like a Comer, but it is not the same engine.It was never approved for use in Australia but was used as a junior class engine in several other countries, including IIRC New Zealand.


Gee is it that old !

Your particular engine may not be that old Oztexs, but that is when we first saw them. 

I think the engine is based on a Swedish chainsaw engine.


Seems its a racket 60

New Zealand ran them, believe they were replaced by the Mini Rok.

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