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So, it's been 5 years since our trailer was stolen outright from the lower north shore in Sydney. The gear included an Energy Evo Blast 30/30 chassis and a Yamaha KT100J tuned by Kart Racing Services serial number 7G92 020824. The enclosed trailer started out as a Great Western Trailers flatbed and was fabricated professionally as a kart trailer. The world moves in mysterious ways, so we're reaching out again. Get in touch if you have any info. 

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There’s some low life’s around, have you got some photos then hopefully someone might have seen it around. 

Mate, I had my trailer and gear stolen about 10 or more years back.

Nothing ever found however in my research I found there is a large 2nd hand market for motor sports equipment in Malaysia.

Every chance that's where your gear ended up.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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