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As everybody knows I am very interested in the results of race meetings, and our ability to follow meeting as they progress.

This week-end the Ladies were at it at the National Ladies event in Lithgow and I was an official on the day, and took particular notice of the work the 2 timing people put in.

On that note I gotta say that the efforts of  those people was tremendous and I believe, without their ability the meeting would have struggled as the 2of them  really knew their stuff and were able to get out of a number of "sticky" situations.

BUT, Were are the results ????

Now I am sure I am looking in the wrong place, BUT HOW do I get the results of the ladies day and follow the "Boys" day to-day? (Not really the "Boys Day" and I think some of the boys will get a hell of a shock when they come up against some of the Girls, The standard of driving by some of the girls on the previous days was impeccable)

So HELP .............. Tell me how to get the results, and follow todays meeting?

 PLEASE ! Thanks


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Thanks, and well done on the meeting.

But even under "Some results" it was always still available for those of us that wanted to follow meetings that were "under way"

So what you are saying is that I now need to "off load" my old faithful phone and get one of these new fangle things, and an App.  if I want to stay with the group and follow future meetings?

Now that's progress.


Hi Max. I am not an expert, but if your existing phone can work with Race Monitor / CMS, I imagine it can work with Speedhive (the mylaps app).

It is also easily available on the mylaps website if you are using a PC/Laptop.

Click on the link below.


Its better than CMS in this respect, as CMS relies on the timing officer doing uploads throughout the meeting. With Mylaps, this is not required of them.

why did we get rid of mylaps years ago,have gone full circle ?

Because MyLaps did not do licencing at the time which AKA wanted to do electronically was the major driver for the CM;S system I believe.

My question is does Mylaps now do licencing or is that still done by CM;S or a 3rd party software?

How do the race secretaries/club secretaries find the new system to use? This is a big part of any change, it should make things easier for the volunteers that run the clubs and meetings otherwise regardless on a programs ability, it will still be a step backwards.

Mylaps live timing sounds like a good idea for meetings as I was always just going to stream the race control monitor to serve this function, but something that is already done for the job is always better.

My next question is how much benefit does this have to the karter, clubs and users compared to how much it has cost the financiers of KA (the licence holders) and is the cost benefit worthwhile.

It would appear the main reason for returning to MYlaps maybe to offer a better product to the clubs or perhaps quite likely it was to secure personal sponsorship.
rudy farkas said:

why did we get rid of mylaps years ago,have gone full circle ?

Hi rudy
Lucas burt gave the real reason as to why we have my laps now. Its in this thread.

CM;S original was designed to handle Licences, and general Club/financial/race Management, the intergrated Race timing/result section was added as people were not using My Laps because of its complexity, and the Cost that AMB wanted to intergrate the two systems was excessive.

CMS has always had live timing as well, however very few people used it.

Hopefully in the near future it will all come together..

David F I am OK with the computer, I just need to update my phone.

Thanks for your help.


David A,

No My Laps does not do Licence / race /. etc management section, it is still done by the CMS system.

My Laps only does the actual Race management, CMS does the rest, they are not intergrated.

And that is why My Laps were not used in the first instance as they wanted far too many $'s to intergrate both systems, truth was they were not interested in any intergration.


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