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Hi all,
After some feedback on how to remove the dust shields from my axle bearings. I know the smaller bearings just use a c-clip that holds them in but the ones on my axles have like a ring all the way round with grooves in it hopefully you can understand from the pic. So my question is how do I remove them? Thanks

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Dig them out with a sharp impliment. You can't do it without destroying them.

So dig out the actual shield out or just the clip?
Dunno bout a clip... The shields are simply pressed in at the factory. If you jam a pick or small screwdriver between the shield and the inner part of the bearing, you'll be good to go. You only need to get one side off (the side shown in the pic). The other side, on an axle bearing is near impossible to do without destroying the shield. If you do it right, you can reinstall the shield when you're finished.
Ok thanks for your help, I understand what you mean now, ill give it a go tonight. Cheers!
Thanks everyone for the help. Got the shields off easy as, with minimal damage, bearings are nice and clean now.

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