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hey guys,

pulled the kart out of the shed and fired the ol girl up fired up fine but i saw water dripping after startup so i shut it down and apon inspection found cracks in both sides of the barrel. I believe i had read a long time ago that over winter water can freeze and expand cracking the barrel. Now obviously im disappointed but if i pull it down is there any reason i cannot get the cracks tig welded and continue to use the barrel??

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It might not comply with the rules, in saying that if it's only for a clubday then who cares, just layer a thick coating of grease on it and go with it.

not racing just social but is this common? not being allowed to run antifreeze would have contributed but for futur reference do i drain the water in winter or just leave the radiator cap off??

I would use JBweld on the inside of the water jacket rather than the expense of getting it welded.    A light hit with a die grinder on the cracks,  then a bead of JBweld feathered out over the cracks.

I have a guy that can weld it at next to no cost but I will keep the jb weld in the back of my mind, will pull it apart and inspect the damage.
To answer your question, yes it is a common problem with water cooled kart engines, just drain the water thru winter as you said and you shouldn't have a problem.

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