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This sounds awesome. I love the Sapphire track, and to do both directions in one weekend is something I don't want to miss and I have unfinished business there after a DNS in the final of last years Sapphire Cup. I'll be entering as soon as my licence suspension is lifted next week, just in time for close of pre-entries.

Is there practice on Friday? Both directions or just one?

Which direction Saturday, which direction Sunday?

I'm fairly certain there is practice Friday. Saturday is reverse direction (clockwise) and Sunday is normal direction (anti-clockwise) - same as the Nov 17 Sapphire Cup. I'm hearing there might be a coffee van there too - TBC.


You just LUV those southern cousins and their track!

And the event certainly sounds like GREAT Value for $'s as well as a heap of fun.

I gotta get down there for a look one day.


Best camping grounds and the cadet 9p plate class is the best way for bringing the sport back to life everyone needs to start somewhere we love sapphire. and the new management deserves a pat on the back for its effort bravo 

Thanks Benno.
Chris, I'll be camping as usual.


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