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I am interested to know what ways people have managed to strip weight off their karts. Anyone have and inventive ideas? 

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Light weight alloy brake rotor, bearing carriers, cut out as much of your plastics as you dare.

You can save about 5kgs with all the suggestions above, but the driver's body weight is the easiest and best way to get mass out of the kart. By getting down to your best body weight (BMI plus a very few KGs ) you also do your self a big favour health wise.

Lucky its a J  or else the battery change idea may have got you into trouble (found out LiPos are not legal!)

Lipo's wired inline there ok with the old style ign. Can't use on the new style one.
Just make sure the positive and negative bridge thru the hi tension lead. Watch the sparks fly. Lol
But seriously best gain is from you loosing a kg or two and a hell of a lot cheaper..
A good helmet can save you some weight.
Mag engine mount and other components.
You can even save a couple hundred grams by changing your wheel nuts.
Smaller fuel tank etc.


Go to some dodgy dinner in Bali!

Get divorced- your wallet will certainly be a lot lighter!

Yep . . . worked for me . . .

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