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A number have people have mentioned that the search functionality kinda sucks when using the marketplace, and unfortunately it's beyond my powers to improve it at this point in time, so I thought I'd show you how to use google to search the Kartbook marketplace more effectively.

Simple open a google page, and copy this in:

"Desired thing marketplace site:google.com"

So if you want an Arrow rookie kart, you would search "Arrow rookie marketplace site:kartbook.net"

The cool thing about this is it means you can use googles other search tools to refine the results. There's a button that says "Search Tools" above the list of results, click that and select the "any time" dropdown list, and change that to a month (or a week, or whatever). That way, you're not looking at useless old results any more!

Hopefully that helps you out. Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense.

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Thanks for another lesson Col. Been wondering how to go about that. You have also taught me "Google search " and have opened up a whole new world to me. Wish I had known about this a couple of years ago.

Mate, once you understand what codes you can use in a google search bar, you can find some seriously obscure stuff!

Cheers Col, 
Shame we cant sort it out on here, but thanks for that google search code. Much obliged



FOR SALE - 3x Yamaha 100 j, all 600 series, 2 complete and one un-complete. 1x Yamaha S, complete with all accessories, Used by Matt Wall. ( motor not included in photo). 2x air boxes can be used for j,S or comer motors. 1x Yamaha j carbie. 3x Yamaha S J & A (3) carbies. 2x carbie blocks. 1x italsport chain guard. 1x 11 tooth drum,1x 12 tooth drum. 5x Yamaha j exhaust including 1 complete exhaust. 1x complete Yamaha s exhaust. 2x header piped with easy tune hole. 1x easi tune complete with charger. 1x Alfano Astor Lv, comes with engine temp gauge and strip sensor. 1x Alfano strip sensor. 2x easi tune exhaust sensor. 1x engine starter. 9x Yamaha j exhaust flex. 2x Yamaha S exhaust flex. 2x engine boxes for sale.

All motors are tuned by J and A kart tuning.


The 2 complete j motors competed in the Victorian country series in 2014 . Finishing first in the championship. The motors also won the Val and Joyce Finlay memorial, multiple club days and other events. Front running motor in the Victorian karting series. One of the 2 complete motors has one multiple state titles

1x Yamaha S motor placed 2nd in the Victorian country series. Motor was raced by Matt Wall and tested by Dylan Hollis.

For any for information or photos please message me on Facebook or contact David on 0418395565

Private message me with your offers.

Everything located in Melbourne Victoria


Might want to list it in the right spot Nicholas.

I am trying to but proving difficult

It would be appreciated if advertisers in Marketplace would show some consideration by CONSOLIDATING their adverts. Don't have 7 separate adverts as happened today by the same seller, when 1 advert covering the 7 items would mean others are not bumped to page 2 a matter of minutes after their ads are posted. This happens many times.

Yeah, the search function is hopeless. I keep doing a search for a vintage kart in excellent condition, with unused Komet K88 for $100 and it never finds one. Useless.

am a new comer to kartbook,and not good at the net either. so here is my message (hopefully)

I am not new to karting, and those that know me know that I have a fair collection of vintage and early motors.

Some of these are duplicated in my collection, and hopefully have a motor to suit someone wanting to build a genuine vintage kart. I have K77 K88 and K99 komets surplus. if interested email to Kranky32@optusnet.com.au for details. Don Smith

after a rotax power valve tool 

located in adelaide 

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