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hi guys just wondering if any body has an idea of the shelf life of shell m

just want to know before i buy 4ltr bottle 

its a bit cheaper getting 4ltr than 4x 1ltr but if it goes of not much point waisting money

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Providing you dont mix it with fuel it should last a fair while, I mean it sits on the kart shops shelves for ever !

I've had a 4 litre bottle of Shell M break down, but it had been sitting around un opened for approx 2 years.

Check the best before date and don't drink it after that( I wonder how long it's been in the ground)

Allan if you buy the 4L bottle and you use it quickly there is no problem. However you you take several months to use it condensation gets in you may develop some issues. If you're in Sydney right now you will know there is a lot of moisture in the air...

The 1L bottles are the safest bet by far. Ask your kart shop if you can have 4 1L bottles for the price of a 4L bottle!

As above, once you open it if you use it quickly you're ok. I always buy 4l bottles, at $70 for 4l, or $26 for 1l it's a no brainer.

thanks guys

good point deric being only a clubday runner with the odd country meet i think 1ltr bottle the best as 4 ltr will sit to long before all used

esp lately in perth it has been 35 to 40 deg and f!@#$%g humid


Adam, out of curiosity - did that bottle go through some very cold periods - cold enough for frost?


We had crystals appear in shell M 10 years or so back, so I contacted their technical help line. Seems that if the oil gets very cold, the castor oil crystallizes and you cannot get it to re-disolve.


The local Shell agent has their depot located in one of the coldest parts of town.


Terry Sheedy

Probably not, from memory it spent most of it's life in the garage in suburbian Victoria.

When I poured it there were many purple blobs that had seperated from the rest, if that helps determain what actually happened.

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