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Just collecting some thoughts here on how people are addapting to the new single weight class. What sort of time difference are you seeing on the track, are you running a different set-up, do you look forward to larger fields at tittle meetings, or are you selling up all your J's?

I haven't seen a thread like this yet, so now there is one. Please add!

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as weight is running at 150kgs, i recon i'll be putting on at least 1 tooth, more likely 2 at every track. I am yet to test with the new weight but i think with careful placement the set-up shouldn't change by much. I also estimate times to be 4-5tenths slower again on most tracks when the conditions are average

this is the first i have herd about the change of weight, i probably need to pay more attention tho :p.

as for the change of weights between classes, last year i did the nsw southern zone series in both SNL and SNH. i used the same kart in both classes and i just changed gearing and weights. as for your speed difference i dont see it being more then 4-5 tenths slower unless your at a big track with a lot of stop start corners like dubbo. gearing also reflects on the track but usually it was 2 to 3 teeth more for heavys.

with the weight placement i put my weight as high on the back of the seat as i could but that would also depend on your build as im a short ass so i wanted to get my ctr of gravity up. 

as for driving with the extra weight on i liked the way the kart went with the extra weight, it had more grip and was more stable to drive.

the change of weight dosnt bother me as i was going to try rotax next year anyway but still keeping my jays and clubbies for the occasional outing but it will affect a lot of the heavys i raced against who are either right on weight for heavy or are 5 to 10 kg over and also some lights i know already need 10 to 15 kgs to make light so they would need more weight to make the pro weight.

The change was there will only be pro weight at State and Nationals Championships.

I am so sick of lead lol. Would have already needed 15kg to make SNL, and I have been running 30kg all year in TAG100, now I'm gonna have to put on 25kg for the states next year. Besides that, considering at the QLD opens this year there were 28 lights and 17 heavies, doesn't make sense to be forcing them into one division.

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