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So many karting things in the public domain. Here’s a couple (see attached below or  in the sidebar re ka and knsw):

What they really show is the great flexibility and forgiveness of KA, allowing those, or at least one, with form to be instated into a position of authority.

Jeez, maybe if some of the other "bannees"  wrote a letter of apology for their supposed misdemeanours they might be forgiven and their penalties (mine, as it happens, being just 12 years) being rescinded. To do that would imply that we could then continue on under KA after apologizing for our “misdemeanours” and that we would wholeheartedly abide by and respect KA.

KAn’t  even see this happening though.

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What a joke this has turned out to be. Karting NSW kicks up a stink & the next minute Karting Australia (KA) forms another organisation, KANSW, representing only 2 karting clubs really, the Newcastle club (NKRC) & North Shore (NSKC). Even the President from Newcastle (David Laughton) is found guilty by KA lynch mob only 2 months ago & let off with a wet lettuce leaf penalty! So much for the numerous other clubs in NSW.

It is obvious which organisation thinks it runs karting in Australia. Poor bloody States thinking they pull KA strings. Not a hope whilst our State bodies are run by KA  ' yes men '.

You got to laugh, but it’s not really funny, it’s disgusting, abhorrent and just plain hypocrisy – KA have created a new State body for themselves called KA_NSW… this mob consists of 3 clubs and somewhere arranged for the an Executive to be “elected” ..

 The head honch  “President” is David Laughton a guy recently suspended for his non-compliance of the social media rules – for which others got 5/10/15/12 year suspensions but KA “anointed” him President KA – NSW …then there is the “elected “Secretary – geez short of murder you can get anointed with a KA position…!!!! – Take a gander at the KA NSW Secretary Lyndsay Thompson, better known to the court as Lyndsey Jane Pankhurst –

(Quote) “The Tweed Daily News and Court report shows.” TWO teenage girls and a 20-year-old man from Casino had taken turns to stab a man six times, and also filmed the violent stabbing on their mobile phones at a lookout near Kyogle before rolling his body over an embankment, Lismore District Court has been told.

Shane Hurst, 20, is accused of first stabbing the 21-year-old Casino man before handing the knife to a girl aged 17, and then to Lyndsey Jane Pankhurst, 19, of Theresa Creek, in the bloodied attack at the Border Loop Lookout at Cougal just before midnight on Friday, April 9.All three are charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder; wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm; and taking and driving the man’s motor vehicle.”

And then there is John Martin – who allocated $5000 of Karting Queensland State Association money to some overseas drivers for tourist and social activity, without the consent or knowledge of the State Executive - and he ends up being their Admin on the payroll..!!!!

Considering that these three would not hold a candle to some of the 10/15 year bans of long serving administrators, you have to wonder who is supporting these “people of character”..???   yep that obviously rests with the KA Board – hypocrisy  is rife,

This is how the KA roll and those  4 State Presidents  who all gave glowing sanction, well that just  reflects  the level of intellect and grovelling that abounds in the States KA boot lickers....


(Quote) “KA NSW’s foundation is an important step for Karting in our State; it is an association that will be approachable, workable, and intent on providing a good experience for its Member Clubs and Karters”

 With a crew like that you would have to be cautious at the very least..!!!!

Well said Ralph! Nothing like starting at the bottom & working up. I would also like to know who ' elected' ' these people. Perhaps a bad choice of words. Unfortunately karters in general won't care as all they are concerned about is ' where is the next meeting'. They are an apathetic bunch & not concerned with helping to run THEIR sport. Apparently this, as usual, is left up to the few who actually have enough marbles to care & try to do something!

Just does to show - it really is time!

46 years ago this month, as I recall, we experienced a change of government by a bunch of hopefuls using the above slogan to support their quest.

Now more than ever, that slogan represents a similar necessary change of government in our sport.

We are now witnessing the fragmentation of our sport. Clubs have been consigned to the wilderness. Rebellious breakaway associations have been formed, and now we see almost an entire state raising the 2 fingered salute to the national government. We have seen an older well established alternate karting group with a small demographic attract as many or more entries to their national championship as can big brother (or is that cousin).

As part of that fragmentation, we are witnessing different tyres being proposed for use at club and zone events to those used at state and national events. We are seeing different sets of technical rules being investigated and implemented as a result of this fragmentation.

We have seen several previous and current administrators tried and convicted in kangaroo tribunals for expressing their opinions in the public media. Those opinions were sometimes delivered politely, but not always. And when not delivered politely, they were delivered in the manner in which they were as a response to the ignorant and impolite response of not being listened to, and to being effectively shouted down for daring to have such an opinion.

As part of this fragmentation, we are seeing the implementation of much of the requests made, and opinions expressed by those who suffered at the hands of these tribunals.

Indeed, we are seeing the governing body now starting to implement knee jerk reactions to support these changes that, while necessary, are still causing fragmentation in our sport (different tyres for the same class, but at different events).


So, two things must now happen.

First and foremost, we need to clean out entirely the current national administration, and start afresh, That would require all current contracts to be reviewed, and renewed in a manner that best supports the sport and its growth.

Unfortunately, that may result in some legal repercussions that our sport clearly does not need.

So the alternative is for those alternate organisations to band together, and in so doing, resolve their differences, acknowledge those differences that will not be compromised, but in so doing, be implemented in a way that allows each category to grow and prosper. And all the while, allow the current administration to wither and die, as surely it will while ever it continues as it has done up to now.


Secondly, now that the national administration seems to have finally heard some faint whispers, and in so doing, surely, it seems, have agreed with the sentiments of those opinions that resulted in what almost amount to lifetime bans from karting, it must immediately revoke those bans, and re-instate the memberships of those so affected. That some of those individuals have been acknowledged by their clubs, and also their state councils, as life members, demonstrates clearly how out of touch the decision to implement .these bans were.


While I cannot speak for those who are now serving these bans, as I have not sought their opinions, I can say that I do know, personally, the 3 gentlemen who have received the longest bans. Nor do I wish to speak for them, as they are more than capable of doing that for themselves. But I am starting to wonder whether I am the contributing link?


And as for clubs being cast to the wilderness, well that didn't work either, as we are seeing them prosper and grow, despite the worst efforts of the karting "gods". Another clear indication of the ignorance and ineptitude that requires the aforementioned rebirth of karting to occur.

Well summarised Terry but unfortunately will  not be read by the vast majority of karters as you used too many words. I find it strange that the major beneficiary ( Karting NSW) of the Track Development Fund has now been replaced by KA with it's own  KA NSW. Obviously this does not mean Karting NSW loses it's right to these funds & is still a shareholder of KA. What if the 'yes men' in other States follow Karting NSW? Does KA then set up similar charades in these defecting States? We then end up with the fragmentation Terry refers to. If KA is supposed to support the sport of karting what the hell is it trying to do setting up these alternative organisations?

Funnily enough KA have instigated a break away group referred to as KA NSW.  A group of 4 people that will lead up some mickey mouse executive.

We know for a fact that there are more on just one of the committees set up to assist KNSW than KA NSW has on its 'executive'.

88% of members voted to move away from any affiliation with Australian Karting Association PTY LTD T/A Karting Australia.

KNSW remains a member of AKA Inc, and as such remains a beneficiary of the TDF, no matter what KA tries to tell anyone.

Don't allow NSKC or NKRC to affiliate with KNSW and they will not be entitled to extract anything from the TDF.

Happy and prosperous new year KNSW.

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