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We have a new sticker set for the Energy kart. The sidepods were pretty simple. But any tips (and/or videos) before we tackle the compound curves on the nose/spoiler? Seems like it is going to be hard to avoid bubbles. 

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spray the pod with soapy water and you can slip them around untill they are in the right place. Squeeze out all the water from behind the sticker and leave it to dry. I have not tried this myself but have been told this method many times.

Easiest way I've found:

Grab a spray bottle and fill with water/detergent mix (very soapy)

You're also going to need the wifes hairdryer (or your own if you're that way inclined).

Soap the sticker and the panel so you can slide it around easily.

Use a rubber squeegie (?????) to force the water out when it's in place and heat the sticker to make it conform to the panel.  The heat also makes the glue go off (like your wife when she finds her hairdryer missing).

Start with the easy panels first to build your competence.

I also sometimes use tape to hold the sticker in place when doing the sidepods for example.  That way you can get the quirks exactly right before you pull the backing off the sticker.

Does that help?


Thanks for the tips. My lawyer will contact you if it doesn't work out. :-)

first things you will need is metho and clean rags for cleaning each of the panels

a spray bottle filled with water and detergent... not  to much detergent as the ammonia in it will attack the adhesive... about the same as how you wash you dishes

heat gun or a hair dryer 

vinyls graphics

rulers and measuring tools

and some sharp knifes

in the sun is a good place to do the job as it will heat the area you are putting the graphics onto to make it go a little faster but this can also make the graphics to aggressive in sticking and better to do it in the shade and use more of the heat gun to conform it around corners and into shapes

clean all areas of the panels with the metho and rags to remove oil and others marks.... take out all bolts in the panels as well

test and measure the placement of the graphics you want to put on ... always double check this as you don't get to pull it off afterwards and redo it if you don't like it

peal your backing paper off and spary a little detergent and water on and fit it in place.... if it's sticking to much just spray a little more on the panel and the graphic then go again.

once in place use your fingers to work the bubbles to the edge... a small ruler can work great for doing this... just make sure there are no sharp edges on what you use that will scratch the graphic

an areas that keep lifting you can use the heat gun to warm them to push them into position.... most vinyls will always pull back to their orginal shape so heating it a lot is need. this is the harder part to get a feel for when the vinyl has been heated enough and just before it starts to fry ... if you can do this it will always holds it's shape

cut off any extra edges and you should be pretty much done


Thanks. The detailed instructions are especially useful -- since the video is "not available" in Germany! 

Not perfect, but pretty good for a first time. I can't imagine doing this on the spoiler without the soap trick. 

nice work looks good and good colours

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