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In Tag medium, OTK’s have always performed well on the DFM’s but that new Arrow X5 is a bit of a head turner - how have they been matching up? Anyone seen up close? 

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Arrow X5 would be my choice, Australian Made, cheaper parts, local manufacturer if you damage your chassis. Any they seem to be winning a lot with fewer chassis out there.

I ran a 2014 OTK Kosmic in TAG R MEDIUM from early 2016 to the end of 2017 and it was a dream, really responsive to change, easy to feel out (in terms of what to change set up wise) and one of the most durable karts ( in my experience anyways). In those two years i never bent or broke ANYTHING on the chassis, you'll never see a stub axle bend on them and there's a lot of information about them online. You're right though, X5's are turning heads and are performing very well, but in saying that you also have to look to who's driving them ( in other words super talent).  Personally on DFM's OTK would be the way to go, i decided to try an Arrow X4 this year and personally i can't get any feel out of the front end and i'm finding it very unresponsive to change. Compared to the OTK its very heavy in the steering wheel and takes a bit more muscle to get around. I've decided that next year (after year 12) I'm moving back to an OTK purely because i know they're good and have the potential to be fast, whereas I've seen that a lot of the X5 drivers are having to fit OTK axles and front bar's to get their karts to get anywhere pace wise.

All of the guy's running the X5 that I've had a chat to always say the same thing in regards to the frame, " it's like an OTK", and what their talking about is the softness of the frame, why get something that is  like an OTK when you can just get an OTK. Another thing that you'd find with arrow period is the axle and stub axles being a softer metal, and really prone to bending, you won't get that with an OTK, personally OTK's cost more because you get what you're paying for and that is quality, durability and performance. 

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