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Jus been informed that Franco Guaitoli passed away this morning  after a short illness with cancer, those who remember him will know of the dedication and passion  and contribution he showed for kartng in this country, and the assistance he gave to lots of people including the likes of  Daryl Smith and Remo through his dealings with PCR ,  also his passion with the Castrol International events and ensuring Australian representation at overseas CIK and Hong Kong - Japan majors is without question.

An outspoken and sometimes controversial character who did a great deal for this sport - he will be remembered not just in that light or of his passion for the sport, but in all his own quirky and jovial  ways and bad jokes story telling and having a smoke in the pits !!  ..a dam good bloke ..we will al miss him ,condolences to family Sandro and Sabrina...



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R.I.P. Franco. Don of 90's karting.

I would just like to support what Ralph has said. A controversial figure, Franco wore his heart on his sleeve and introduced an unforgettable era in Karting. Like him or not, one has to respect what he achieved, often at great cost to himself. Personally, I liked him and learned to understand him and his passion.

Many of our current motorsport heroes have had the helping hand of Franco, either directly or indirectly, in establishing their career.

Sabrina tells me he was comfortable when he slipped away this morning, and that is a small blessing. Surprisingly, he was only 72! But I guess the life of a child born in Italy at the beginning of the war and living and surviving through those dark days and the hard times that followed has a significant effect on your physical and psychological development. Franco Guaitoli was forged from stern stuff as we saw in those interesting days of karting in the 1990s.

My condolences go to his family, his wife Anna, his sons Sandro and Sergio and his daughters Sonia, Sabrina and Stephanie. They broke the mould when they made your dad and I remember him fondly.  RIP Franco and thanks!



R.I.P. Franco.  condolences to all his family and friends

Condolences also to Franco's family.  RIP

Agree with Ralph,  Franco was one of a kind.

Very supportive of karters & clubs when getting RESA going,  - I bought one and had a few problems,  but Franco  just sent me a new one.  He fully supported his products.

In mid 90;s we had a race meeting at Grenfell, it was to support the Griffith club who were struggling a bit at the time,  Franco got a lot of his RESA guys up to race, To raise funds, the officials were fining people all weekend for various things (getting too serious , being too slow etc etc-  it was a fun meeting - things we could do in those days),  After Franco had been fined 2  x $10 for smoking in pits,  he handed me a $100 note and said,  I am in credit for my  next 8 fags...

RIP Franco..


I think we all have a story or Franco. Truly great memories.  RIP

I spent many hours with Franco at his home and at the track, full on, passionate and very Italian, Loved his family and his sport of Karting.

R.I.P Franco, our thoughts go out to his family

Giuntini Family

Yes sad news indeed a legend lost.

Indelible memories of great days at Oran Park and a man who personified our sport during those years

RIP Franco, God Bless, and condolences to your family and friends

Murray Golding and Family

was he one of the first people to introduce teflon coat pistons here in aus?

R.I.P Franco aka MR PCR

Grew up in karting and knew Franko very well. He was funny and a dam decent man. He was from the best era in Karting and will never be forgotten. RIP mate.


Have been out of karting for many years now & have just now been made aware of the recent passing of Franco.

Back in the mid 90s when I was looking to get into the sport I came across Francos shop in Leichardt & within 10 minutes I was sitting down coffee in one hand,smoke in the other chatting like we'd known each other for years....apart from being the consumate salesman he was just a down right good bloke.

Many great memories.....my condolences go to his family.

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