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Who else wants Higher powered 4 Strokes ? Torini Supermaxx

With all the work thats gone into organising classes and races to suit the brigs and torini clubmax engines, I understand there is a lot of resistance to the grunty new 15hp Torini Supermaxx. 

But i am over the moon, I only wish it had more power! :)

Tell me, IF all the 4 stroke motors were currently 15HP Thumpers, Then brigs and torini bring out the baby 10hp motors   How many of you would be wanting them?

I have no intention of ever running 2 stroke, and i really like the longer lasting cheaper tyre philosophy.
But id like more power. 

Who else is getting one?

Pros and cons?

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Glen, if you are on facebook there is a group on there to do with the biland 4strokes... sometimes the engines come up for sale

I would love to see a full field of Bilands again. They sounded epic and gave great racing. Only downside was they needed pretty sticky tyres putting costs up.

As long as the higher powered 4strokes give good,close racing at a reasonable price then they should definitely be explored.

My only concern is that it is once again ANOTHER engine to add to the already huge list. Then what is the support like?

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