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Who was part of AKA and now no longer a member of KA

Hi all

it might be revealing to see who of us have left in disgust or who have been suspended!!

Enter you past qualifications so we can all see the valuable members lost to the new Reich !!

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I'll start the ball rolling

Positions held:

National VP

State Pres

State VP

State Delegate



C of C

Club Treas

Club Delegate

Club Scrut

Club life member

State life member

Left in disgust  with the mismanagement and arrogance of the board and CEO of KA

Diana Smith

Positions held


Club President


Clerk of Course

Club life member

Resigned in disgust and still give a 5 year ban.

Neville Scullion

Club member 20 years

Secretary of club 7 years,



Chief Steward

Club co-delegatge

Club delegate

Club liason

Club Life Member

Won't resign because of the actions of a select few.

Suspended 5 years.

David Arnold.

Club secretary

Race secretary

Time keeper

Technical inspector

Club vice president.

(resigned after KA threatened the club with disciplinary action if I was not pulled into line and gagged)

I was lucky, I did not have a licence at the time so I was not banned, but I made the decision that the only way I could effect change at KA was to withdraw ALL of my financial contribution to them and hence left karting until such time as real governance is put in place, rather than dictatorship.

Chris Parks, left years ago when people refused to see that governance was not the answer. I don't think I ever held any positions but I always helped out where I could between helping my son race. I developed the original adjusters that became the Sniper version and never received a penny from it. We went to Superkarts and enjoyed it but real racing costs real money so we quit. 

Positions held:

Club president

Club Delegate

Club Scrutineer

Tech Official




Track Safety Officer

Canteen Helper + what ever else needed doing.

I have resigned as a club member, licence holder and tech official 6 weeks ago, as i can not handle the dictatorship, all the "yes" men and women and all the B/S that we have now. 

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