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Wondering if anyone has an old Alfano laying around that does not work that I can save from the bin.

I am really just after the housing.

Need it for a home made data logger I am working on.

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Yes got one. where abouts are you?

Hi Donald, I am in Melbourne, at Todd Rd regularly.  Are you in Vic?

Donald Singh said:

Yes got one. where abouts are you?

Yes I get to todd rd, sometimes. you can have the unit for $50-00 cash.

Thanks mate, but $50 is a bit more than I want to spend.

okay than you can have it for $40-00 cash. Happy now! cheers

I have 2x Alfano Pro+ units listed on eBay (won't turn on). They come with sensors, manual and Alfano screw driver. Listing ends in 4 hours....


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